Welcome to the brand new Women & Golf Q&A Series just for Members. In our third episode we speak to GolfGarb.co.uk Co-Founder and Director Heather Constable.

Welcome to our third Women & Golf Q&A Series. We were delighted to welcome Heather Constable, the Co-Founder and Director of GolfGarb.co.uk, the online retailer that offers the largest collection of women's golf clothing, to speak to us about all things golf fashion.

The Women & Golf Q&A Series is hosted by Women & Golf Editor Emma Ballard.

We start the conversation by finding out more about why Heather and Adrian Constable decided to set up GolfGarb.co.uk in 2006 and are given some insight into why as a business they made the decision to move solely into women's golf apparel.

Women's golf fashion has changed so much in the last 17 years and Heather is able to explain the biggest changes that she has seen in this area of the market.

As well as having their online shop, GolfGarb also supply pro shops, kitting them out for each season and making sure they have the latest women's golf apparel lines. It is interesting to hear what Heather has to say on the difficulty that many pros have when it comes to stocking women's golf clothing.

We also hear about GolfGarb's popular pop up shops, with over 60 events taking place this year.

Women & Golf reader questions

Then onto some reader questions:

  • I’d love to know what is the question you get asked the most frequently?
  • Is there a best selling or go to item of clothing on the website as we get into the summer season? 
  • I struggle to buy clothing from different brands because the sizes can vary. Can you give me any help? I am size 10 but in some brands I am an 8 and then some I might be a 12. Is that a real issue? 
  • I like the idea of trying some golf clothes with prints on them as there seems to be a lot out there at the moment. Any tips around prints? Dos and don'ts...
  • I am looking for a long leg trouser, any recommendations for a tall woman? 
  • Given that the average age of women who play golf in England is over 60 (mostly with legs, knees and bottoms to match) a lot of great skorts are immediately ignored by the likes of me as they are just too short. Do I just not wear them?
  • There always seems to be a lot of clothing that's pink. Is it really a popular colour choice? 
  • What should be my investment pieces - what's worth spending more on so it lasts / performs when I play?
  • What are the key pieces of golf wear I should buy as a new starter to golf? I don't want to buy lots of different outfits but perhaps items that will work all year round and that might tie in with some sports wear I already have?

We cover a lot of ground over the 40 minute conversation, where Heather gives some great insight as well as some very helpful tips to make sure that you have a positive online buying experience. The company's aim is to make sure that every customer feels confident and comfortable on the golf course.

The biggest takeaway for me was how you can use their descriptions and size guides to make sure that you are buying the right size for you.

It's worth remembering that GolfGarb offer a next day delivery service and free returns, so online shopping doesn't have to be too daunting.

If you have any further questions for Heather, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will pass them on [email protected]

Find out more about GolfGarb by visiting their website here.

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