Let GolfGarb help you choose the right legwear for you and your golf game with these handy hints, tips and buying advice

If you had the chance to listen to the Women and Golf Q&A with Heather from GolfGarb you'll know legwear was a hot topic. And now GolfGarb are here with more great advice and wardrobe inspo that will help solve your legwear conundrums...

We often marvel at the simplicity of men's sizing: Waist in inches, inside length in inches. Job done. It's definitely not so straightforward for women! XS to XXXL, size 6 to 24, plus some sizing in inches thrown in for good measure (excuse the pun!). Then you've got to factor in each brand's interpretation of all of the above sizing - it's no wonder finding the right fit can be challenging!

So here are some of our top pointers and a good few ideas for stylish, well-fitted looks for your legs...

Getting the right length makes all the difference

Whether you're aiming for full length, thermal in the cooler months, or the weather is warmer and you're after a shorter style, you want your legwear to sit just-so; comfortably reaching your shoe without extra scrunch, or perhaps perfectly skimming your knees in a pair of shorts.

The key is to know your inside leg measurement. At GolfGarb we ensure the inside leg measurement is provided for all our legwear, from the shortest shorts to the longest trousers; listed in our product information.

You'll either be able to select a set leg length when clicking your size (for example with this Callaway trouser)  or if the legwear comes in one length you’ll find the measurement within the bullet pointed information (for example this Puma Golf pair). Do also make use of the left hand filters on the legwear pages where you can select length in inches or 'short', 'medium' or 'long', or here for thermal trousers.

Callaway Golf Trousers

Performance with super comfort and fit from the Callaway pull-on trouser

We know accuracy is important, so we always measure by hand when each new item arrives with us, including double checking the set length items, so you can be sure you'll get an accurate fit. And if you're unsure - give us a call - we're more than happy to measure a particular style and size for you.

If you're after a shorter length, check these out in a 27" leg or pay a visit to our 7/8th trouser pages. Whilst sitting on the ankle bone for those with longer limbs they can provide the perfect full length option (typically from 25.5” to 27.5”) if you aren't as tall.

Our top pick for length options are these go-to favourites from Green Lamb who have you covered from 27" to 33" or their thermal version.

For pedal pushers and shorts simply apply the same theory. Don't be dictated solely by style or length names, that's often a branding or styling concept - look for the length that suits you.

Glenmuir trousers

Classic styling from Glenmuir, available in 3 leg lengths

Check your own measurements; whether you want knee coverage, some calf coverage or a comfortable short style, and head to the departments we've created to help you shop - crops and capris (typically 19.5” to 23”), pedal pushers and city shorts (typically 14" to 17"), bermuda shorts (11" to 14") and shorter shorts (10" and shorter).

And before we move on, one message we are really keen to impart is not to judge the length solely by how they sit on the model. There is a reasonable variation in height across the models each brand uses and it's also up to the look each brand wants to achieve as to what size that model then wears.

The result is that the leg length is going to look different on each model. Studio and on the course imagery is a fantastic way of getting a feel for an item but definitely not how it's guaranteed to sit in reality! 

The right fit for your waist

Speaking from experience this is definitely more tricky. But have no fear there's a great range of solutions whatever your waist size and waist-to-hip variation.

If you haven't tried a pull on pair before now, we really can't recommend them enough; the stretch fabric, including stretch waistbands means they'll do a great job of sculpting to your shape.

If you're after a classic look or still feel you want more support some come with belt loops. Here, the Callaway Truesculpt waistband is a real winner for style and support.

If you're after something more traditional or formal, these from Daily Sports have button fastening and an elasticated waistband for movement and comfort. Or head to these from Glenmuir for an absolute classic. 

You'll also find thermal trousers tend to take the button and zip approach for seasonal cosiness and more time out on the fairways! 

And if you love higher waisted styles try these from Rohnisch and Callaway plus this pair from Swing out Sister - new in! 


The rise in popularity of leggings has been rapid in the last few years and for good reason; comfortable, quality fabrics make for a great day at the range or practicing your putts.

Adidas golf leggings

Golf leggings in comfortable, quality fabrics make for great practice days

With high and deep waistbands if you desire, thermal options for the cold, and practical pockets; they're a real winner you can also wear off the course. Team them with dresses for the cooler months for wardrobe versatility.

So choose the style you're after, repeat your new mantra "measure, measure, measure!", and start browsing - the perfect pair for your pins is waiting!