Wilson Golf’s new Staff Model and Staff Model X have been meticulously designed to help elite golfers shoot lower scores on the course.

Designed to provide unmatched precision, speed and spin, the likes of Brendan Steele, Ricky Barnes, Martin Trainer and Paul Lawrie will all be playing with the new four-piece Wilson Staff Model X and Wilson Staff Model balls this season.

New Staff Model X golf ball

The new Staff Model X has the same characteristics as the previous Staff Model version but with a few modifications to optimise spin with your irons. Designed for golfers who want a ball with a firm and fast feel, it enhances spin for shots into the green.

Wilson Golf Staff Model X

Here’s the science bit …

  • Advanced V-COR™ performance technology amplifies energy around the core composition to generate maximum velocity off the clubface for greater distance.
  • The firm four-layer compressions on the ball produce unmatched shot-shaping, workability, predictable stability and exceptional control.
  • The 3SIX2 seamless Urethane outer cover contributes to providing maximum spin, enhancing stopping power on wedge shots, chips and pitches.

New Staff Model golf ball

Using the same advanced V-COR™ technology and 3SIX2 Urethane outer cover, the new Staff Model has a medium-compression core. That improves feel off the club head and helps to achieve flatter trajectories on drives and approach shots from a distance.

Wilson Golf Staff Model

The Staff Model X and Staff Model balls will be available later this month in White and Yellow.

RRP £52 per dozen.

How much difference does your golf ball make?

A lot more than you’d expect. But what it comes down to is finding the right ball for your swing speed – not your handicap.

Higher compression balls offer more control for players with faster swing speeds. Whereas lower compression balls – like the Wilson DUO Soft – reduce driver spin for longer carries off the tee, straighter shots and more fairways.

For something in the middle, the award-winning Triadball is a good option. It incorporates T3 Technology designed to deliver total performance from tee to green.

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