Distinctive copper styling and retro logos, new BRNR Mini Driver Copper evokes nostalgic memories of the “good ol’ days”.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic late-90s Burner™ drivers, the all-new BRNR Mini Driver Copper offers a contemporary twist on a timeless design, blending heritage and modern innovation.

The BRNR Mini Driver is the first of its kind to feature Movable Weight Technology. It provides distance, control and playability, making it ideal for golfers who prioritise accuracy off the tee or struggle with traditional drivers.

The combination of carbon fibre, titanium and steel provide the foundation for incredible sound, feel and flight with striking cosmetics. The split weights allow golfers to switch between the standard setting (13g in the back) for balanced performance, and the low spin setting (13g in the front) for a piercing trajectory and increased roll out.

The K-SOLE design features a unique “K” shape, which helps the club glide smoothly through the turf while reducing resistance and promoting a consistent strike. This enables golfers to have “driver off the deck” distance with the consistency often found in higher lofted fairway woods.

Twist Face®, Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ and the 4° Loft Sleeve provide the ultimate suite of technologies. Twist Face helps golfers overcome inherent mis-hit tendencies for straighter shots, while the Speed Pocket is engineered to maximize ball speeds and add forgiveness on low-face strikes. The 4° Loft Sleeve allows golfers to fine tune loft and face angle for optimum flight.

RRP: £379

For full specifications and shaft options, visit Taylormadegolf.com.