PING's new putter models have each been engineered to achieve the ideal combination of feel and forgiveness in a confidence-inspiring look.

Expanding PING’s Putter line to 16 models, the new designs include: Anser 2, Anser D, B60, Tyne H, Fetch and Ketsch G, all available to pre-order now from authorised PING golf shops around the world.

Each model can be custom fit for stroke type, length, lie, loft and grip type.

RRP: £280

A model to fit every golfer

From the new line-up, choose from high-MOI blades, mid-mallets and mallets differentiated by face technology, alignment aids and finish.

Anser 2: Stability and forgiveness

  • Firm response and consistent roll
  • Clever alignment cues
  • Glare-diffusing raw blast finish

Anser D: A hybrid between the Anser blade and a traditional mallet design

  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Firm response and consistent roll
  • Glare-diffusing raw blast finish

B60: Long-time PING fan favourite back with a refresh

  • Firm response and consistent roll
  • Contoured shaping and centre alignment line
  • Balanced and forgiving model
  • Glare-diffusing raw blast finish

Tyne H: Multiple alignment cues for square face at impact

  • Firm response and consistent roll
  • Balance and stability
  • Forgiveness and accuracy
  • Contrasting white alignment line for confident aiming

Fetch: A soft feel on shorter putts and a stable feel on longer lag putts

  • Sole cutout to make putts easy to retrieve
  • Ultimate forgiveness
  • Compact profile and ball-width alignment lines for easier aim
  • Glare-diffusing raw blast finish

Ketsch G: Extreme forgiveness and stability.

  • Ball pickup feature on the sole
  • Trio of contrasting sight lines to simplify alignment

Fit for feel

From firm-milled faces to soft-feeling inserts, PING’s face technology is engineered based on feedback from real players to match a variety of feel preferences and deliver control and consistency on putts of every length.

In the six new additions to the line, four models (Anser 2, Anser D, B60, Tyne H) feature the firm feel of a shallowed milled face and two (Fetch, Ketsch G) provide the soft feel of a PEBAX insert.

Aligned for success

The new putters offer different alignment solutions to fit the eye of various golfers, including single alignment cues or multiple lines to improve accuracy and inspire confidence.

A glare-diffusing raw blast finish in four models and black PVD in the other two provide enhanced contrast to assist in alignment and create a premium appearance.

For golfers who prefer the influence of the darker look with white sight lines, the Ketsch G and Tyne H will best fit their eye. The Anser 2, Anser D, B60 and Fetch feature a striking raw blast finish with contrasting black alignment lines.

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