Ready to buy some new clubs? Read this first. Here are five reasons why custom fitting is particularly important for women golfers.

Buying golf clubs straight off the shelf is a bit like buying a pair of shoes and not looking at the size. Or even trying them on first.   

But a 2021 MyGolfSpy survey showed that almost 40% of golfers said they didn’t think custom fitting would benefit their game. And further research by Golf DataTech revealed that women golfers are even less likely to consider custom fitting.

Whether it’s down to thinking their swing isn’t good enough or lacking the time or confidence to book a session, women golfers are missing out on technology that can significantly improve their games.

So, if you’re in the market for new golf clubs and are wondering whether you should get custom fitted, here are five reasons why you absolutely should.

Don’t assume you need women’s clubs

Never be fooled into thinking that because you’re a woman, you need women’s clubs.

Aside from the floral patterns on most women’s clubs being somewhat insulting, the biggest issue I have with “women’s golf clubs” is that it’s almost impossible to define an average woman golfer.

I’m 5ft tall, a size 8 and not especially strong. And I play with men’s clubs.

Women’s clubs tend to be lighter and shorter, to reflect the general physical differences between men and women.

There are also various shaft options for men based on swing speed and power. But there are far fewer options available when it comes to women’s shafts.

What that means is that so often, women are playing with completely the wrong clubs. And they do that because they assume they should be using women’s clubs.

With custom fitting, there’s really no such thing as men’s or women’s clubs. Just clubs that fit you and your swing and optimise your game.

There’s no one-size fits all

Your height, shape, strength and swing all have an impact on what clubs work best for you. All of those things will be really different for every golfer, so it’s impossible to apply a one-size-fits-all approach to buying golf clubs.

It will improve your game

There’s a lot of smart stuff that goes into making golf clubs; the technology involved in shafts alone will blow your brain.

From weight and weight materials to manipulating the centre of gravity, custom fit golf clubs will increase distance and improve striking ability and consistency.

Why wouldn’t you want that?

Golf’s hard enough, make it easier

There are no two ways about it: Golf is hard. You can wake up one day and play like a pro, then the next day you can hardly keep it on the fairway.

Playing with clubs that aren’t custom fitted is a sure-fire way to make it even harder.

Golf clubs are expensive

Purchasing golf equipment is a serious investment, with a new set of clubs costing hundreds – sometimes thousands – of your hard-earned cash.

It’s no cheaper if you skip out on the custom fitting session, so wouldn’t you rather spend all that money knowing you’ve bought clubs that optimise your game?

You wouldn’t buy clothes without trying them on first. Golf clubs are no different.

Wondering what to expect from a custom fitting session? Here’s everything you need to know about being custom fitted.