Check out Srixon's new Z Series. Offering tour-influenced performance, innovation and stylish design - featuring the Z 545 Driver, Z 45 Fairway Wood, Z 45 Hybrid and Z Series Irons.

Srixon's new Z Series offers tour-influenced performance, innovation and stylish design.

The Z Series has been developed with an innovative spirit. Uilising advanced simulation tools at the Srixon Golf Science Center in Ichijima-cho, Japan, every Z Series club is designed with proprietary Digital Impact Technology to ensure precise performance and built with the highest quality manufacturing processes and unsurpassed attention to detail.

Validated by Srixon’s tour professionals, including Graeme McDowell, Keegan Bradley and Hideki Matsuyama, the Z-Series offers everything you need to improve your game.

Srixon Z 545 Driver RRP: £325

The Z 545 Driver is a mid-high launch fully adjustable driver with low spin suitable for all abilities. With a sleek, aggressive design, the Z 545 is for players who demand maximum distance. The 460cc profile inspires confidence over the ball and aids forgiveness.

Ball speeds have been maximized through the advanced face construction of the Z 545, which features a Booster cup-face construction and variable face thickness technology to enlarge the sweet spot by 35%, increasing forgiveness and distance. Distance is increased further through Srixon’s Dual Speed Technology. This technology maximises a player’s rotation efficiency while also delivering more kinetic energy at impact, resulting in more head speed, more ball speed, more distance.

Adjusting the Z 545 Driver is easy thanks to Srixon’s Quick Tune System, which allows anyone to easily adjust the loft, lie, face angle and centre of gravity settings. A 12-way hosel design tunes face angle and lie along with loft, while the adjustable weight port comes standard with a 7 and 3-gram weight. 11-gram weights are also available to precisely tune the centre of gravity to give you optimal launch and spin.

Srixon Z 945, Z 745, Z 545 Irons RRP: £600.00 steel & £699.00 graphite

The Srixon Z series of irons is built to satisfy the needs of two distinct player types: All-Ability and Tour. The slim topline and compact shape in Z 745 and Z 945 irons provide the confidence and workability the Tour player type demands, while the All-Ability player will find added forgiveness and distance in the slightly larger Z 545 irons. The 3-6 irons in these sets feature a strategically positioned tungsten weight in the toe to precisely tune sweet spot position for longer, more forgiving flight in the more difficult-to-hit mid and long irons.

Ball speeds have also been maximised with advanced face constructions. The Z U45 utility and Z 545 irons have distance-enhancing SUP10 steel faces and soft, ultra-premium 1020 carbon steel bodies for smooth feel.

In the Srixon Z Series, the iron and utility club heads are forged from the highest quality, softest 1020 carbon steel. With a lower carbon content compared to many key competitors, Z iron and utility heads are high-strength while also exceptionally responsive and smooth at impact.

To enhance turf interaction and trajectory control, Srixon Z 545, 745 and 945 irons feature the newly developed Tour V.T. Sole. By increasing leading bounce and decreasing trailing bounce, a “V” is created in the sole profile to help tighten shot dispersion. In testing, our tour professionals have raved about the crisp, consistent feel through impact the Tour V.T. Sole provides.

Srixon Z Series irons and utility also feature Double laser milling. This places two different laser milling patterns on the club face, one parallel to the grooves and another slightly angled. The result is more stable spin performance and more confident distance control from every lie.

Srixon Z F45 Fairway RRP: £229 & Z H45 Hybrid RRP: £190

The explosive and versatile Srixon Z F45 fairway has a mid-size design engineered to maximise launch conditions from all lies. As with the Z 545 Driver, Dual Speed Technology works to maximise ball speed and distance. QTS adjustability features again, offering twelve unique settings for loft, lie, face angle and centre of gravity. An ultra-hot HT1770 maraging steel Booster cup face raises the COR by 15 points for maximum ball speed.*

Srixon Z H45 hybrids feature redesigned shapes for smoother turf interaction and a more confident look at address. Dual Speed Technology again maximises ball speed and distance. The Z H45 also features  an ultra-hot HT1770 maraging steel face, raising the COR by 13 points for maximum ball speed, while the centre of gravity has been moved lower to promote a higher, more penetrating launch.

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*Booster Cup face design a feature in 3+ and 3 Fairway Wood only
Prices stated are for 5-PW only