We review the Mileseey PF1 All-weather golf rangefinder

Mileseey PF1 All-weather Golf Rangefinder is the first and only all-weather golf rangefinder. Women & Golf took it for a test drive. Unfortunately, the weather was extremely hot and sunny so the 'waterproof' element will have to wait for another day.

Mileseey PF1 All-weather Golf Rangefinder

What's in the Box?

  • Mileseey PF1 All-weather golf rangefinder
  • Hard Case (waterproof)
  • Wrist handle
  • Cleaner
  • USB charging cable
  • Instruction booklet (including 1-year Warranty card)

We liked the fact there was not excessive packaging around the items in the box. Instructions, battery & lens cleaner were all there and there was a protective covering on the rangefinder in the case.


In our opinion, the rangefinder is very simple and unfussy. It comes in two colours - white and pink. We tested the pink version. The three main buttons - slope indicator, power, distance - are easy to identify and the focus ring easy to adjust.

The rangefinder is extremely light (100g) and sits in the hand comfortably. It is small enough (96x64x36mm) to fit in your pocket while playing as we did when trying it out.

Mileseey PF1 - Practicalities

Mileseey PF1 All-weather golf rangefinder

The PF1 comes with a sturdy silver carry case that hooks on to your bag with a screw lock. The case is waterproof.

The case has a zip and elastic close mechanism. The elastic is extremely strong but we imagine this will lessen with use. Some people prefer to use the zip but we felt that elastic would allow quicker access during a game.


The PF1 has three key benefits:

  • Unrivaled measuring accuracy even in heavy rainy weathers
  • Specifically designed for all-weather use
  • 0.1s instant measuring speed, 90% light transmission and 1,100 yardages 

We love the receptiveness of the PF1. It is quick to pick up distances (1,100 yard range) and lock into the flag. The PF1 automatically traces the flag and emits a vibration alert to confirm you have successfully locked onto the flag rather than objects behind it

Also, based on big data from PGA & LPGA and the Mileseey pro-level slope technology, the distance is accurately adjusted based on the uphill or downhill for a “true distance”. An indicator turns on /off to signal if the slope function is enabled. (This can be switched off for legal play).

The anti-glare ultra-wideband multi-coated lens system brings record-breaking 90% high light transmission and unprecedented image clarity. Adjust the clarity and fine-tune your vision with just a twist of the focus ring of the rangefinder.

Find out more about Mileseey rangefinders by clicking here.

We like...

  • Handy size means you can carry in your pocket
  • Study carry case
  • Lightweight - only 220g
  • Attach to bag or belt
  • Vibration when locked on flag
  • Speed - picks up distances in less than half a second
  • Material - high quality and ability to wipe clean
  • Built in rechargeable lithium battery

We dislike...

  • Need to use USB charging cable provided with rangefinder
  • USB charging port cover is rubber and flimsy - it does not fit properly or stay in place
  • Warranty - 1 year

Final Score

Overall we loved the PF1 all-weather golf rangefinder. We did not use it in the rain but will be doing so in the next couple of months so look out for update.

Its small and compact with excellent clarity and flag lock vibration. Its handy size means you can pop in your pocket if needed. Its easy to charge with the cable and no need to buy batteries.

Price - currently £299.99 (with £100 discount on RRP via Amazon). Delivery times are about a week.