Part of the innovative Versa family, Odyssey introduce the new Jailbird Putter with Double Versa Technology giving all golfers the next step in high contrast visionary alignment.

The Jailbird uses Double Versa Technology to give golfers the opportunity to highlight a proper face angle at address, through the stroke and at impact, allowing a player to dial in on the Jailbird putter’s design even more, accentuating the face angle and improving concentration.

Jailbird features a new and improved laser-milled version of the White Hot insert, it is highly engineered for a more consistent sound, better feel and improved performance across the striking surface.

In tests, Double Versa Technology allowed over 50% of golfers to align better and nearly 70% to align more consistently. It also produced an impact angle improvement for nearly 50% of testers, with almost three-quarters seeing their consistency also improve.

Added to the Jailbird, other new Versa models for 2014 include the #7CS, 330 Mallet and Sabertooth, complementing a family of Tour proven head shapes which include the #1, #2, #7 and 2-Ball options.

The Jailbird is available in 33, 34 and 35-inch lengths and in right and left-handed options.

RRP: £159
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