Motocaddy has launched seven brand-new compact-folding M-Series electric trolleys that combine a sleek design with high-performance features.

Offering a wide variety of choices at different price points, the new Motocaddy M-Series extends from feature-packed entry-level options to more premium models equipped with game-enhancing GPS and Downhill Control capabilities, plus a flagship trolley with luxury high-end detailing. Benefiting from the distinctive sporty look are the new M-TECH GPS, M5 GPS, M5 GPS DHC, M3 GPS, M3 GPS DHC, M1 and M1 DHC models.

The latest models in the compact-folding M-Series range feature a cable-free battery seamlessly integrated into the stylish design. The lightweight CLICK ‘N’ CONNECT® Lithium battery also offers patented auto-disconnect technology to automatically power off the trolley when folded. The trolleys also feature a revolutionary pop-up port for quick and easy charging – innovative features exclusive to the brand. Newly styled ergonomic handle grips and low-profile aerodynamic wheels with high-performance tyre tread are incorporated, while a new retractable rear anti-tip wheel is also available as an optional extra if preferred.


The M-TECH GPS is Motocaddy’s exclusive flagship model, combining fast and accurate touchscreen GPS with luxury finishes and a striking design.

  • Hand-stitched genuine leather handle grips and polished chrome detailing
  • Fully-integrated, super-fast GPS system with 3.5" touchscreen display, front, middle and back distances, and hazard information
  • Bluetooth® smartphone alerts and Wi-Fi updates
  • Exclusive access to Motocaddy’s cellular-powered Performance Plan – unlock hi-tech game management features in a free 12-month trial

Additional features include Adjustable Distance Control (up to 60-yards), a USB charging port and a three-year extended warranty. The M-Series Anti-tip rear wheel is also included as standard.

Available with a high-performance M-TECH ULTRA Lithium battery.

RRP: £1,399.99


The award-winning M5 GPS and M5 GPS DHC boasts the same high-performance GPS technology as the premium M-TECH GPS with a free six-month trial to the cellular Performance Plan.

  • Advanced GPS software includes a Dynamic Green view
  • Ability to measure shots and track scores
  • DHC version features Automatic Downhill Control
  • All-terrain DHC wheels and an electronic parking brake

Available with a subtle Blue trim.

RRP: M5 GPS £1,029.99 Standard Lithium battery or £1,079.99 ULTRA Lithium battery/ M5 GPS DHC £1,079.99 Standard Lithium battery or £1,129.99 ULTRA Lithium battery


The feature-packed M3 GPS and M3 GPS DHC provides front, middle, and back distances, plus a Dynamic Green view through the high resolution 2.8” LCD touchscreen display.

  • Connection to the Motocaddy app for Bluetooth® powered smartphone alerts
  • High power 28.8V system
  • Shot measurement, clock and round timer
  • Adjustable Distance Control up to 60 yards
  • USB charging port and Automatic Downhill Control on the DHC model

Available with a Lime trim.

RRP: M3 GPS £929.99 Standard Lithium battery or £979.99 ULTRA Lithium battery/ M3 GPS DHC £979.99 Standard Lithium battery or £1,029.99 ULTRA Lithium battery


The M1 model is the world's easiest-to-use compact electric trolley thanks to its simple folding system with space-saving inverting wheels, impressive LCD widescreen display, nine speed settings and Adjustable Distance Control (up to 45-yards).

  • Speed indicator and battery meter
  • USB charging port and tool-free handle height adjustment
  • Convenient auto-open stand for easy storage and transportation
  • Automatic Downhill control is added to the popular M1 DHC, along with an electronic parking brake and all-terrain tyres

The M1 and M1 DHC feature a Red trim.

RRP: M1 £779.99 Standard Lithium battery or £829.99 ULTRA Lithium battery/ M1 DHC £829.99 Standard Lithium battery or £879.99 ULTRA Lithium battery

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