W&G REVIEW: The JPX Fli-Hi is part of the line of ladies’ woods. It has been designed with a wood type hybrid profile to create an effortless launch and steep landing angle so approach shots land softly.

A clever ‘face forward’ profile allows the leading edge to glide under the ball giving you a clean contact, and greater accuracy comes courtesy of a thin sole portion that eliminates the slower ball speeds that normally result from poor strikes low in the clubface.

W&G says: "The Fli-Hi is incredibly easy to use, producing a very pleasing impact sound and a lovely rainbow trajectory ball flight. The designers have extended the clubface material in a curve across the clubhead crown as this gives the illusion of an even bigger sweetspot, while distracting your eye from the unusual shaped scooped out back. It’s not the most feminine-looking club, but scores top marks for the quality of its components as it’s fitted with a high-performance Fujikura shaft that really does boost the club’s power while contributing to a fantastic feel. Add to that a soft Winn grip that feels like putty in your hands and it’s hard not to instantly love this club."

RRP: £110 Available 4 (22°), 5 (25°), 6 (28°), 7 (32°)
For more information please visit www.mizunogolfeurope.com