At the touch of a button, you can now listed to the voice in your head! Voice Caddie's new VC300 is the world's lightest and smallest GPS rangefinder - it automatically recognises courses and has no fees.

Created for users who require quality, comfort, superior technology and simplicity, its clip-on, hands-free design makes it easy to use.

Offering yardages to the front, centre, and back of the green, it comes ready to use out of the box. Its ultra-small and ultra-light, hands-free design make it easy to use. With its simple look and sophisticated capabilities, Voice Caddie provides all the benefits of a veteran caddie.

Voice Caddie VC300's sleek, sensitive touchpad responds intuitively to the slightest touch of fingertips and, the required yardage is determined by the swipe of a finger. One click and it tells the distance to the centre of the green; one ‘swish' across the sensitive surface gives the distance to the front of the green; and a ‘swish' in the opposite direction provides an accurate measurement to the back.

What's more, the VC300 automatically recognises the course being played from its constantly updated database of more than 30,000, all with no additional fees.

Measuring just 45mm x 45mm and weighing merely 25g - little more than an AA battery - the unobtrusive VC300 simply clips on to a cap, shirt or belt and is ready to work as soon as it is attached.

Available now in the UK.

RRP: £109
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