Cleveland® Golf's new Launcher XL 2 Drivers and family of HALO XL Woods promise maximum distance and forgiveness.

If you’re looking for more control and more consistency with your driver and woods, Cleveland® Golf’s new Launcher XL 2 drivers and HALO XL woods could be the answer. Designed with avid golfers in mind, they promise to optimise your game with clever technology that improves distance, feel and control.

Launcher XL 2 Drivers

The Launcher XL 2 line combines maximum distance and forgiveness, introducing all-new performance features to take your long game to new heights.

The whole ethos behind the new driver is to make golfers feel more confident off the tee – to know they’re going to get the most out of their round with the best club in the bag. They promise that across the board, players are going to see a noticeable difference in distance, feel, and consistency with the Launcher XL 2.

The driver’s optimal performance lies within its MainFrame XL Face technology. Without going too deeply into the science, the driver face has a variable thickness design that reshapes and enlarges the sweet spot. That improves energy transfer and delivers powerful ball speeds for maximum distance. The XL Head Design and weighting setup also mean it has the highest MOI ever in a Cleveland Golf Driver. In simple terms, MOI – moment of inertia – is a measure of the clubhead’s resistance to twisting. The higher the MOI, the higher the resistance and the more forgiving the club is.  

Another performance-enhancing feature of the Launcher XL 2 is its adjustable hosel, allowing you to fine-tune your launch angle, distance, and shot shape.

And if you struggle with a slice off the tee, you’ll be over the moon to hear that alongside the Launcher XL 2 is the Launcher XL 2 Draw Driver. The Draw Driver is specifically designed with an adjustable hosel and a reworked chassis to give you more control and more consistency off the tee.

Available to buy from February.

RRP £426.


The all-new HALO XL Fairway Woods, Hy-Woods, and Hybrids bring power and forgiveness to your long game, with optimised tech features to help you get the ball off the ground.

Upgraded GlideRail technology uses rails along the sole of the club to help deliver a cleaner interaction through the turf, while maintaining a square face through impact. At the same time, AI-designed MainFrame XL technology shapes and expands the sweet spot to boost distance and reposition weight in the clubhead for added forgiveness and consistency.

With its unique head size, shape, and shaft length falling directly between a Fairway Wood and Hybrid, the HALO XL Hy-Wood helps maintain proper gapping at the top of the bag for more control and added distance. Additionally, the HALO XL Hy-Wood has a new 4+ loft offering, giving you more options than ever before.

If you’re looking for a long-iron or fairway wood substitute, HALO XL Hybrids bring added versatility help you break out of tough lies around the course. HALO XL Hybrids also feature GlideRail and MainFrame XL technology to inspire confidence with every swing.

Available to buy from February.

RRP: HALO XL Fairway £269
RRP: HALO XL Hy-Wood £259
RRP: HALO XL Hybrid £239

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