Think taking up golf is too hard and too intimidating? Think again. Five golf newbies from Skratch Women tell us what it’s really like to take up golf.

We often hear that the biggest hurdle for women taking up golf is actually where to get started; where to go, what to do and how to find like-minded women to play with.  

Enter: Skratch Women.

Founded by former retail buyer Caroline Shukla, Skratch Women is a community for female golfers in and around London. From finding a weekend-playing partner to sharing a glass of bubbly with another newbie; Skratch Women was created to connect, support and empower women in the game – whatever level you play at.

So who better to tell us exactly what it’s like to take up golf?

Here’s what five Skratch Women members had to say about their experience of taking up golf. They tell us what they love about the game and what they’ve learned along the way.

Having taken up golf just eight months, 34-year-old Kirsty told us: “Before I started golf, I had experienced a difficult time with my mental health. I was burnt out and I had to be signed off from work. Whilst working with my therapist, I realised that I had lost my sense of who I was.

"The things that mattered to me, and the things I enjoyed. Golf has taught me how to re-emerge into the social world. How to be patient, and more importantly how to trust in myself. I can’t thank Skratch enough for bringing me back to myself.”

Jennifer, 30, echoed Kirsty’s comments. She’s been playing golf for two years and said …

“I started about two years ago and have never looked back really. Golf has helped me find a space to completely forget about the day-to-day and just focus on one thin:g trying to get this tiny ball in a tiny hole. It’s a strange kind of therapy.

"And unlike other sports you can actually enjoy the highs and lows of your own individual game, all whilst playing with others and having a great time. So, not only has it been great for me mentally, but also for meeting and making so many wonderful new friends.”

Hannah, 32, agreed. “I began learning golf in 2021 and since starting have gained so much.

"Golf is so much more then learning to hit a ball with a club. It’s about patience, positive mental attitude, resilience, self-improvement, etiquette and so much more. For such an individual game, a huge part of golf is your team. The people you’re playing with, training with, learning with. I have learned so much and gained so much from golf. Including a really amazing group of girlfriends that I met through Skratch Women.”

“I absolutely love golf.” Added Charlotte, 23.

“I’ve been playing for just over a year and I try to get out on the course most weekends, especially when the weather is nice. It’s a great way for me to meet my golf buddies, have some social time with them and play some great golf. Golf has taught me that it’s not just a mans sport and you can play even if you’re a young female!”

“I took up golf last summer at home in Ireland mainly out of curiosity and to try something new. Moving to London later in the year I was worried that I wouldn’t have that many opportunities to play but in fact it’s been the complete opposite. Golf meet-ups have been a fantastic way for me to make friends in a new city", Laura told us who is 28 and has been playing for 18 months.

"Not only has golf given me lifelong friends and is a fantastic networking opportunity, it’s really helped me build patience and resilience (something you need a lot of on the course!!) and then transfer that into my working life.”

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