Here’s what Charlotte is doing in a pledge to live, golf and travel more sustainably as part of Sustainable Golf Week.

This week is Sustainable Golf Week; a week that celebrates golf’s contributions to sustainability and strengthens the industry’s commitment to protecting the planet.

Under the theme #DrivingTheGreen, this year’s Sustainable Golf Week is all about sharing success and making a pledge to go greener in the future.

In a year where we’ve experienced extreme weather and huge rises in energy costs, the week aims to spotlight the opportunity golf has to be at the forefront of climate action.

Now, I’m certainly no Greta Thunberg, but I’ve been making more of a conscious effort to do my bit for the planet recently. And I’ll be honest, some of that is because I’m terrified of the huge energy bill I’ll get if I don’t.

But a big reason for my newfound interest in living with a smaller carbon footprint is because I’m having a baby. So now I have a real, vested interest in the future; I want my baby and all the generations after him to be able to enjoy the planet like we all have.

Six ways I’m golfing, living and travelling more sustainably

1. I think more about how I’m going to get to the golf course

I drive a Mini, so usually, I just throw my clubs on the back seat and meet my friends at the tee. But now I’ve started storing my clubs in the locker room at my home golf club to make it easier to car share.

2. I've started buying golf clothes I can wear off the golf course too

I've really been trying to break up with fast fashion, and generally thinking a lot more about what clothes – and how many – I buy.

I don't play as much golf as I'd like to (even more so now I'm pregnant), so I've been trying to invest in quality pieces that I know I'll wear time and again. And also things I can wear way from the golf course; like golf leggings and neutral-coloured jackets.

3. I always carry a water bottle

I’ve been guilty of emptying my bag after a round of golf and throwing away two or three plastic water bottles.

So in an effort to reduce waste and the amount of single-use plastic I’m using, I now make sure I always have a glass water bottle with me.

And if I have an early tee time, I’ve started taking my own coffee cup too, which also stays hotter for much longer – bonus.

4. I order a weekly recipe box

Each week, I pick what meals I’d like and get sent the ingredients and recipes to make them.

You only ever get exactly what you need so there’s no waste, and there’s almost no plastic.

5. I get my milk delivered

I get fresh milk delivered twice a week in reusable glass bottles. It's delivered by my local milkman in an electric milk float.

They also only ever work with local farmers and independent suppliers.

6. I’m more mindful when I travel

Flying is pretty much off the cards for now until the baby arrives. But when I went away in the summer, I made a conscious effort to pick my flight based on its carbon footprint.

I chose accommodation away from the main tourist areas to support smaller communities.  

And opted for walking wherever I could – it’s much better for the environment and was a much better way to see more of where we were staying.

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