Feel even better about your next trip and make your golf holiday greener with these sustainable travel tips.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be (absolutely) desperate to book that long-awaited getaway to warmer climes.

The sun on your back, balmy evenings, discovering somewhere new … bliss.

From Europe to far away shores, I’ve got a bucket list of golf holidays I’m working my way through – albeit at a pathetically slow pace right now.

But like I mentioned in my Spring fashion article last week, I’m really trying to make an effort to live more sustainably this year.

I’m certainly no Greta Thunberg, but like most of us, I’m taking small steps to live a generally greener lifestyle. And that applies when I play and travel for golf too.

But is there a way to travel that isn’t quite as harmful to the planet, especially if you’re jetting off to exotic fairways this year?


Why is sustainable travel important?

Sustainable travel is about so much more than just caring for the planet. It’s about reducing the negative effects of tourism; being mindful of the environmental, economic and social impact you have when you visit somewhere.

Here are eight ways to make your next golf break more sustainable. And who knows, if you feel good, maybe you’ll play better too?

  1. Pack light: This one might sound like an obvious and small step to take, but it has a big impact. For every 5kg less baggage you carry, you’ll reduce your emissions by 5%. So make sure you only pack what you really need, and consider renting clubs when you get there.
  2. Choose a destination that values sustainability: Do your research before you book and choose destinations that really care about the planet and their local communities. Most hotels have sustainability initiatives that you can read about on their website. And if you can’t find any, you might want to avoid them.   
  3. Pick a hotel on or close to the golf course: Aim to stay somewhere close to the golf course with good bars and restaurants. That way, you’ll limit the amount you have to use a car or taxi.
  4. Think about how to get there: If you’re travelling long-haul, one flight is always better than two. And if your golf break is closer to home, consider taking the train or car sharing to reduce emissions.
  5. Offset your emissions: If sunshine is at the top of your must-have holiday list, then you’ll likely be flying to your next golf holiday. A lot of airlines let you pay to offset the emissions you create when you fly. The money pay goes towards funding climate-change projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere.
  6. Try not to print: Download your boarding pass and keep your tickets and booking confirmations on your phone. Not only will you save yourself the hassle of having a lot of paperwork, but you’ll help to save trees too.
  7. Take a reusable water bottle and coffee cup: Say no to plastic whilst you’re away and fill up your own bottle or coffee cup instead. You’ll be amazed at just how much plastic you’ll save, and it’s a good way to make sure you drink enough water too.
  8. Support local economies: Staying outside of the main tourist hotspots is a great way to support local economies when you travel. But if that’s not possible, try shopping at local markets and shops, or eating at locally-owned restaurants.