New-mum and Women & Golf writer Charlotte Ibbetson puts the Baby Caddie to the test out on the course.

It will come as no surprise that I haven't played much golf since having a baby in November.

With a gang of grandparents eagerly lining up to look after my son, it’s not so much because of time (I know, I’m really lucky). It’s more the guilt of shipping him off for five-plus hours every week.

I’ve also just returned to work, so any free time I do have feels too precious to spend without him.

But what if I could just take the baby to golf with me?

Enter: Baby Caddie; a golf bag you can attach to your pram.

Could it be … can I really have it all? With my six-month-old baby in tow, I decided to take the Baby Caddie for a spin.

What is a Baby Caddie?

Designed by Dad-of-two and a self-proclaimed golf addict, Baby Caddie is a golf bag that hangs between the handles of your baby’s pram or pushchair.

It looks similar to a pencil bag, with six individual compartments, and can store up to 12 clubs. It has a towel loop and a couple of big pockets, and it rolls up into a neat little storage bag. And, according to the website, it can be used as a travel bag or range bag without the pram.

What I loved about the Baby Caddie

I didn’t have to leave the baby at home

The obvious advantage of the Baby Caddie is that you can take your baby to golf with you – result! I loved that I could spend that time with my son, that he was getting some fresh air and I was getting some exercise.

Full disclaimer though: It’s not easy playing golf with a six-month-old baby. And I did have some concerns about safety. But I’ll get on to that later.

Easy to attach to pram

My pram is quite wide, so I was sceptical about whether the Baby Caddie would fit properly on the handles. But it did! It’s adjustable and connects with a really simple Velcro strap, so I imagine it would fit most prams – double buggies included.

I also tried it with the seat of the pram facing in and out, and it worked well both ways.

Plenty of storage space

There are two good size pockets, so I was able to fit plenty of golf balls (don’t judge me, I haven’t played much recently), a glove, tees, etc into the Baby Caddie. The way it fits also meant I could easily access the storage area underneath my pram, so could still carry everything I needed for the baby.

A good way to practice

I only took six clubs with me in the Baby Caddie, and it was a great way to practice different shots on the course.


You could definitely use the Baby Caddie after the baby grows out of the pushchair. With a longer strap option, it could easily be used as a range bag or travel bag.

Simple to store

The Baby Caddie rolls into a neat little bag so it’s simple to store without taking up much space. Ideal as it currently looks like Mamas & Papas has exploded in my home.

What I didn’t love

You can’t use a full set

According to the website, you can fit 12 clubs in the Baby Caddie. I found it a bit tight to get two clubs into each compartment, so ended up just taking six. It was a good way to practice, but I would prefer to play with a full set – or as close to it as possible.

Pram was sometimes difficult to push

Maybe it was because I only had six clubs in it, but no matter what way around I put the clubheads, they wouldn't stay in place. That meant that the Baby Caddie leaned at an angle towards my legs, making the pram difficult to push without a bit of adjustment.


This one isn’t so much about the Baby Caddie as just having the baby on the golf course. But I was definitely concerned about safety. Every time I heard a shout, I dived (yep, that dramatically) over the top of the pram, petrified the baby would be hit by an errant golf ball.

More suited for toddlers

Whilst I loved the flexibility of being able to take the baby with me, it was clear pretty quickly that he's still a bit too young.

It was a full-blown operation trying to time our round with naps/bottles/nappy changes. We only played a few holes late in the day, which seemed to work well. But any other time of the day would have been difficult.

I’d say when he’s old enough to be plied with snacks and toys, the Baby Caddie will really come into its own.

The verdict

All in all, I think the Baby Caddie is brilliant. It gives golfing Mums and Dads the option to spend more time with their kids and the flexibility to play more golf.

I’m looking forward to putting it to good use as my son gets older!

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