In our first ever virtual members' event, we put your questions about the World Handicap System to Gemma Hunter, Head of Handicapping and Course Rating at England Golf.

The World Handicap System is being introduced in GB&I on November 2, and knowing that some of you still had questions about what exactly it would involve, we decided to enlist the help of Gemma from England Golf.

Many of you W&G Members watched at home as she answered your questions (either sent in advance or during the session) and we were also smart enough to record it too meaning you can watch it back whenever you fancy.

Unfortunately, we did have limited time with Gemma (as you can imagine she's a very busy lady at the moment), so she didn't have time to answer the last three questions that were sent in.

But even though she couldn't do them live on air she has answered them below here...

Q: How are social golf society handicaps to be dealt with because sometimes we only play 6 games a year?
A: A WHS Handicap Index is only available to golf club members. 

Q: How do we add a round from Portugal on our home system? 
A: These scores can be added directly into the WHS England Golf platform. 

Q: If two courses have the same slope ratings but different course ratings, are the Course Handicap tables the same?
A: Yes.

Watch this space for more W&G exclusive live event announcements (we're very excited to have a new toy!).

You can also find more FAQs about the World Handicap System on the England Golf website HERE.

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