Let Becky Scott from RS Performance Training take you through some exercises to improve your balance and ultimately your game

As the golf swing involves a rotational movement and weight shifts from one side to the other, the body needs to be well balanced to do this smoothly and under control. Here are a few exercises to help enhance balance for your game.

Sprinter's lunge

This exercise requires balance within a strength movement. Stand tall through your body with you eyes always looking forward.

Step back with your right foot, allow your right knee to hinge and lower to the floor.

From here powerfully drive forward with your right knee, raising it up in front of you. Hold this position steady for a couple of seconds and then lower back into the lunge position. Repeat for 10 reps on each side, three times through.

Balance Test

This test is a key part of any Titleist Performance Institute movement screening that I use when I am working with golfers. It gives a good indication of the quality of balance and stability on each leg.

Better Balance - balance on one leg

Begin on one foot and raise the other knee up so your thigh is parallel to the ground. When you are comfortable, close your eyes and see how long you can hold your balance. Repeat on the other leg. Make a note of the time and see if you can stay balanced longer next time.

Torso turn single leg

This exercise helps your rotational balance as well as the separation of the upper and lower body.

Stand on one leg with the other hovering behind. Hinge at your hips in golf posture. Place your hands on your shoulders and keep your chest up to stop your shoulders rounding forward.

Slowly rotate your shoulders as if making a backswing and then rotate to make a downswing and follow through. Go back and forth 10 times for three rounds on each leg. The key is to be slow and smooth to help keep your balance.

Single leg hop

Increasing your balance with momentum will help you finish your follow through after impact.

Begin on one leg and hop forward, landing on the same leg. Hold the position for a few seconds and then repeat. The hop doesn't have to be too far, but as you become more confident, try increasing the distance to practise your balance at sticking the landing leg from a longer hop. Complete three rounds of 10 hops on each leg.

To really boost your golf game through exercise, contact Becky Scott via www.rsperformancetraining.co.uk

The above Fitness article was taken from the Jul/Aug 2019 issue of Women & Golf magazine.