From firmer greens to where to land your approach shots, here are seven tips to help you play better golf this summer.

Warm days and long, balmy nights make summer the ideal time to get out on the golf course. 

But as the seasons change, you’ll need to make some adjustments to make sure you play your best golf over the hottest months.

Here's how to nail summer golf ...

1. The ball will travel further 

As air temperature increases, air density decreases. That means your golf ball will travel further on hotter days compared to when it’s cold. 

Make sure you keep that in mind when you’re working out what club to use - you may need to club down.

2. The ground is firmer 

Warmer temperatures, less rain (hopefully) and no mud makes the ground much firmer. So you’ll notice your ball bounce and roll much more in the summer months. 

Think about this when you hit your ball off the tee, especially if there are hazards somewhere down the fairway

3. You need to rethink your approach shots 

Just as the fairways are firmer, so are the greens. That means you might not be able to land the ball where you usually would on the green. 

Think about dropping the ball short of the green and letting it run up. But make sure you take any bunkers or water hazards into consideration. 

If you’ve got a long iron or fairway shot, you might actually be better laying up to the green. That way, you can go in with a wedge, generate more spin and get the ball to stop quicker where you want it to. 

4. It’s a good time to practice your short game 

Unless you play on a links or heathland course, fluffy green lies and no mud are the ideal lies to chip from. 

So now is a good time to practice your short game and really build your confidence around the greens. 

But wherever you play, remember to keep the firmness of the greens in mind. As a general rule, playing a chip and run is a much more reliable shot to play rather than lobbing it high in the air. 

5. Faster greens have more break 

As the greens tend to be at their best over the summer months, this is the time when they’ll typically run their fastest. 

And faster greens generally have more break. So you’ll have to factor this when you’re lining up your putts. 

6. Drinking more water is key

If you’re even a little bit dehydrated, you’ll notice a big drop in your level of concentration and performance. 

Stay well hydrated as the weather warms up. You should aim to drink about two litres in the summer months to keep you playing at your best. 

7. Protect yourself from the sun

Sunburn or sunstroke are the last things you want when you play golf, not to mention how bad they both are for your health. 

So cover up, either by wearing performance fabrics with UV protection or by wearing a quality suncream

Most sun protection fabrics are breathable and designed to help you regulate your body temperature. Meaning you’ll stay cool and dry on the course. 

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