Nicola Stroud, Head Teaching Professional at Burnham & Berrow Golf Club is here to explain why we should use winter to set our 2023 goals

I see so many golfers letting their game become static over the winter, whilst at the same time hoping and praying that it will come back as good as ever when the new golfing season comes around… But, there’s so much you can do to ensure you hit the ground running in Springtime!

Firstly, take some time to evaluate your golf game in 2022. Did you reach your goals? If not, why do you think that was? If you did, then what was the driving factor and can you learn anything from it?

Next, if you haven’t already, think about what your vision is for your game, write it down and put it in your scorecard wallet. Your vision should be aspirational - try not to let your current performance influence it. Remember, you will be working towards your vision going forward, so push your boundaries a little. The timescale is up to you, but I recommend thinking 3 to 5 years. It’s also worth thinking about why you have pictured this vision, where you are now, what you need to do, etc.

Writing down your vision is an important step as it will help you become more focused and motivated.

Now you are ready to set the goals that will help you achieve that vision:

  • Start with your long-term goals - where should you be by October 2023?
  • Now think about mid-term goals – what do you need to do during April to October 2023 in order to be able to achieve your long-term goals?
  • Then, the short-term goals – what do you need to do now to put yourself in a good position to be able to achieve your mid-term goals?

Your short-term goals need to be as detailed as you can get - these are the steps and areas you are going to work on over the winter period from now until April.

To give you some ideas, you may wish to:

Set specific training times in your diary – this will help you get a consistency to your time – especially good for busy people! These could be times to go to your local driving range, times to go to your club for on-course practice or times to visit the short game area.

Set a training plan – this will ensure your practice is purposeful, efficient and effective. You should make sure you cover all the areas you need to improve on in order to hit your mid-term goals.

Discuss possible drills with your coach for specific areas of your game – drills that are measurable are highly encouraged as they will show you how your progress is going, so you can stay motivated plus, these types of drills also mean you’re training under pressure, thus helping your mental strengthening.

With a clear strategy for your winter training, I guarantee you will be more than ready for your 2023 golf season and another step closer to achieving your vision.

For help and guidance with your goal setting and training plans/drills, I am accepting a limited number of clients for my winter training programme via Zoom, so don’t hesitate to contact me via the details below.

Words by Nicola Stroud

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Nicola Stroud

Nicola Stroud is an Advanced PGA Professional based at Burnham & Berrow Golf Club in Somerset.

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