Enjoy GoKart’s Christmas offer and save yourself £60 on a trolley set with a 36 hole lithium battery. A lithium trolley for under £400 – that’s going to be on a few Christmas wishlists!

From 15th November to 2nd January 2014 the price of a lithium set will be just £399 for the GoKart, battery and special charger (£439 for the Automatic version with the clever new handle).

The lithium battery weighs less than a third of the normal 36 hole battery, is guaranteed for at least 2 years, and recharges far quicker than a normal lead acid equivalent. It complements the lightweight GoKart perfectly. Golfers buying through their pro will receive a £60 cashback on their full price purchase (£499/£459) when returning their warranty cards.

Available from your local pro or direct from www.gokart.co.uk
Or call 01227 712288