W&G REVIEW: TaylorMade putters regularly make the winners circle, we want to see why these putters are so popular and successful with lady professionals. Here we put the Spider Mallet through its paces.

The Ghost line has been out for couple of seasons but keeps being refreshed with four new models for 2014 including the Spider Mallet.

The Spider Mallet is a heel-toe weighted putter designed to give great stability to your stroke. Counterbalancing the heavy head with a 130-gram grip increases the forgiveness of the entire putter, TaylorMade say it makes it easier to keep the head moving on the correct path, improving your chance of holing putts.

W&G says: “Everyone has their favourites, but as a mallet lover - this putter is very impressive. It has a good feel and delivers a smooth roll-out with no skid effect getting the ball rolling very quickly even across bumpy greens. The substantial heavy weight is balanced and feels great to rock back and through. There’s something about having a white putter with a white ball that just really helps visualise the ball rolling into the hole before you have hit it! But some traditionalists hate the new-trend of white clubs, and on the downside they are very difficult to keep clean and looking new.”

RRP: £149
For more information please visit www.taylormadegolf.co.uk