Charlotte discusses everything you need to know about utility irons and whether you should have one in your golf bag.

This week, TaylorMade announced that their P·Series family would be growing with the addition of two tour-inspired utility irons – P·UDI and P·DHY.

From piercing performance to maximum versatility, TaylorMade claim that their new utility irons offer golfers of all skill levels the ability to choose their flight and optimise the top end of their bag.

And it got me thinking … how many women have a utility iron in their golf bags?

I’m sure there aren’t many. But I’m equally as sure there are a lot of women golfers who would benefit from a utility iron if they knew a bit more about them.

So here goes …

What is a utility iron?

In a nutshell, utility irons bridge the gap between your long irons and your fairway woods.

They look a lot like any other iron in your golf bag, but they generally have a slightly widened sole and perimeter weighting. The core difference, however, between an iron and a utility iron is that they’re more forgiving and they’ll give you a lot more distance.

Utility irons are generally easier to hit than long irons, and when you compare them to a hybrid or fairway wood, they typically produce less backspin and a lower launch. That makes it easier to shape the ball than it does with a wood.

Who are they for?

Contrary to popular belief, utility irons aren’t solely for elite golfers.

Generally speaking, you’ll benefit from a utility iron if you have a faster swing speed and a shallower angle of attack.

In fact, research from TaylorMade showed that whilst usage skews towards better players, the majority of DHY™ players (a previous utility iron model) ranged from a six to an 18 handicap.

So, if you’re someone who has a fairly fast swing speed and prefers the feel and versatility of an iron, then a utility iron may be a good option for you at the top of your golf bag.

TaylorMade’s P·UDI and P·DHY utility irons

Designed to deliver easy launch, increased forgiveness and enhanced consistency, a new internal weighting structure combines with proven technologies in TaylorMade’s P·UDI and P·DHY utility irons to optimise performance for every player.

Available worldwide from 3 May.

RRP: £299.

Shop TaylorMade’s P·UDI and P·DHY utility irons and the full P·Series family at

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