W&G REVIEW: Odyssey’s White Hot Pro line has been designed with the help of the world’s top lady Tour pros. We put this putter's fancy new insert and adjustable head weight the test.

Odyssey’sWhite Hot Pro line has been designed with the help of the world’s top lady Tour pros who have tried, tested and proven the putters in competition.

The putters have a fancy new insert which Odyssey say is the most consistent, best feeling insert they have ever created, offering an improved sound, feel and performance across the striking surface thanks to a new laser milling cutting process. Add to that the option of altering the head weight and you have the tool to drain lots more putts from all over the green.

W&G says: "What makes this putter different from all the other 2-Ball models Odyssey has produced is that you can alter the clubhead weight. There’s an extra weight zipped into a small pocket on the outside of the headcover which allows you to cleverly make it lighter or heavier - thus adjusting the feel off the putter face, helping you hit putts softer or firmer depending on the green speed. This is a stroke of genius for the changing putting surfaces we all face between the summer and winter months and it really does have an effect on ball roll. The soft sheen finish doesn’t glare in bright sunlight, and as for the ease of aiming, the idea of visualising a continuous line of balls to the hole really takes some beating. It would be nice to see the 2-Ball offered in a shorter shaft length option and also a choice of grips as the standard 2-Ball Pro grip is a little basic and could be softer in the hands."

RRP: £109
For more information please visit www.odysseygolf.com