Stay dry before you fly, with Big Max's i-Dry travel range. Stylish pieces of luggage perfect for the travelling golfer that will keep all your gear safe and dry all the way to your destination.

Extending its popular i-Dry waterproofing system to its travel range, Big Max has launched a stylish travel cover and piece of luggage perfect for the travelling golfer.

The i-Dry Travel Cover looks great and is easy to use, providing high quality protection and practical manoeuvrability. Constructed from high grade, hard wearing materials, Big Max’s i-Dry system provides 100% waterproof protection to the contents. It also delivers manoeuvrability with its self-stand technology and skate ball bearing wheels while keeping clubs well protected with its internal bag fix system.

The i-Dry Luggage is perfect for a golfing holiday abroad. The ideal size for a golfing trip away the i-Dry luggage has a telescopic handle along with skate ball bearings that help it glide around with ease. Features a sturdy carry handle, hard wearing construction and 100% waterproof benefits.

Both are available in black or white.

RRP: £179.99 i-Dry Travel Cover
RRP: £149.99 i-Dry Luggage

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