This week it's the Dow Championship - a team event on the LPGA. Charley Hull and Georgia Hall have partnered for the first time, here they talk about their friendship

When it comes to lifelong friendships, few can boast the kind of bond shared by Georgia Hall and Charley Hull. Friends since the age of 11, these two English golfers have grown up together, playing, practising, and pushing each other to new heights in their sport. Now, as they prepare to pair up for the Dow Championship, a stroke play team event, on the LPGA and having just found out they will represent Great Britain at the Paris Olympics, their partnership is set to shine this week and beyond.

A friendship born on the greens

Georgia Hall and Charley Hull’s friendship began on the fairways of England. From an early age, the duo were inseparable, playing for England Golf and often pairing up in competitions. "We’ve been best friends since we were like 11 years old," Hull recalls. "We always used to play England Golf together. We were always partners in golf. We’ve shared together, done everything together. We used to practice together when we were younger. We kind of know each other’s games inside out."

This deep understanding of each other’s games, and each other, has been a cornerstone of their partnership. "It was just a no-brainer," says Hall. "We didn’t even consider anyone else." Hull echoes this sentiment, adding with a laugh, "I was more like, 'George, you’re playing with me.'"

Qualifying for the Paris Olympics

The news that Hall and Hull will both be competing in the Paris Olympics is a dream come true for the pair. Their excitement is palpable, not just for the competition, but for the opportunity to share the experience together. "Just spending time with George because we love playing golf together," says Hull. "We share together, we go to the gym together. We eat food together. We get our nails done together. Obviously, that week is going to be a bit of a busy week, but it’s just nice to share it with your best friend, especially in a moment like that."

Neither of them has spent much time in Paris, adding an extra layer of anticipation. "I’ve actually only ever been to Paris once," Hull admits. Hall adds, "I’ve never been." The chance to explore the city and its famed attractions, even briefly, adds to their enthusiasm. "Yeah, let’s go shopping," Hall suggests, though Hull seems more excited about the possibility of attending a boxing match. "I’m not really into watching other sports, to be fair, apart from boxing."

The Hall-Hull dynamic

The chemistry between Hall and Hull is evident both on and off the course. Their banter and lightheartedness are infectious, creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere. "Even if we have the worst moments, we’re always laughing," Hull says. Hall adds, "We know each other really well, and I think that’s so important. This type of event, we go out there and just have fun."

Their ability to read each other’s moods and needs is a significant advantage. "I know when Charley is upset before she does, and she’s the same with me," Hall explains. This intuitive understanding helps them support each other through the highs and lows of competition. "We know how to pull each other up when we are down and vice versa."

The Rose and Thorn

Their camaraderie even extends to a playful team name: "The Rose and Thorn." This nickname, given by their good friend Ryan Evans, perfectly encapsulates their dynamic. "Georgia, you’re like the lovely English rose, and Charley, you’re like the thorn," Evans had said. While Hull initially took the comparison with a sense of humour, the sentiment behind it (Hull's protective nature over Hall) rings true. "There’s lots of thorns around the rose, so you protect me, don’t you," Hall reflects. "Yeah, I protect her," Hull affirms.

If this press conference is anything to go by, we’re set for a fun week ahead as 72 teams take to the fairways at Midland Country Club for the Dow Championship.

Want to see Charley and Georgia live? They'll be teeing it up next week at the Armaco Team Series - London at Centurion Club. Maybe they'll be teaming up two weeks in a row! Buy tickets here.