New women's sport documentary Game On: The Unstoppable Rise of Women's Sport has been released on Netflix. Women & Golf took a first look...

This week has seen the release of a new women's sport documentary on Netflix - Game On: The Unstoppable Rise of Women's Sport. Based on the book, with the same title, by Sue Anstiss who is the Founder & CEO of fearless women, working in sports marketing and PR for over 30 years.

In the prologue to the book, it states:

Drawing on her own experiences and interviews with high profile Olympic and Paralympic champions, broadcasters, journalists, sports scientists, CEOs, officials and sponsors, Sue Anstiss investigates why women have been excluded from the world of sport for centuries and why we are now witnessing positive change as never before.

Game On is a celebration of the trailblazing women opening doors for others and a manifesto for women's sport. A rallying cry to ensure the progress we are currently seeing goes from strength to strength.

The essence of the book is translated into the documentary where comments and insights are shared from the likes of Commonwealth champion boxer Stacey Copeland, Olympic gold heptathlete Denise Lewis and broadcaster and commentator Clare Balding.

Watch the trailer for Game On: The Unstoppable Rise of Women's Sport

Throughout the hour-long documentary, many issues around women's sport past and present are explored with two main themes looking at the female frailty myth and the role of femininity.

The sports that feature most in Game On are team sports such as rugby, football and netball, but that doesn't mean that it isn't relevant to those of us that may only follow golf. The barriers and difficulties that women have faced across sports can be learnt from and applied to golf.

Issues around dress codes, the gender pay gap, accessibility and media coverage are just a few areas that are touched upon. All of which sound pretty familiar to me as a woman in golf.

These comments from Sally Munday, CEO of UK Sport, will resonate with many of you too:

In an interview with told, Anstiss said:

"I wrote the book a couple of years ago and it was Jack Thompkins who pushed me and suggested making it in a film form. The book has 86,000 words and the idea of condensing that into an hour long documentary did seem scary.

"I hope what we’ve created can be seen as a celebration of women’s sport. It raises the disparities we face and the challenges still out there but, overall, it’s a very joyful and positive piece.

"I want women and girls to go out and know they can do anything in sport."

We can highly recommend adding Game On: The Unstoppable Rise of Women in Sport to your watch list on Netlfix and in the meantime, if you haven't already watched Women in Golf: Breaking with Tradition then you should watch that too.

Watch Women in Golf: Breaking with Tradition

The future of women's sport and with that women's golf is bright and as Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson says in Game On:

"In the next five years we are going to see the biggest change in women's sport, we can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Watch Game On: The Unstoppable Rise of Women's Sport on Netflix now or find out more about the book here.