Wales Golf have shared the story of Susan Wallace who went from the New2Golf scheme to Lady Captain in five years

Just five years after taking up the sport through a New2Golf scheme, Susan Wallace is the new Lady Captain at a North Wales club.

She has taken over as Vale of Llangollen Ladies Captain following the official drive-in this month, having come through as part of the club’s successful New2Golf scheme run by PGA professional Matt Davies.

The New2Golf scheme at the club has regularly had 10-15 participants over each of the last eight years, many going on to full club membership – with Wallace rising up through the ranks in swift fashion.

Wallace, a physiotherapist and pilates teacher, has a strong sporting background.  Her father’s interest and enthusiasm as a golfing latecomer finally rubbed off after her parents moved from Scotland to North Wales. 

“I did Matt’s New2Golf scheme as something I thought I might enjoy and a way of finding a better work/life balance after setting up a new business and working all hours, day and night,” said Wallace.

“I did enjoy it, but unfortunately didn’t continue to play due to work commitments. I hadn’t managed to sort out that work/life balance after all. 

“The following summer I went on a golfing holiday with my husband and parents with a view that if I enjoyed it enough, I’d join the club on my return and make sure I made the time to play.

“The impact of COVID the following year meant I was much quieter at work and by that time I was loving the game and had developed the right mindset to create the time to play.

“With the support of Matt and the Ladies Section, I had a great year in 2022, dropping my handicap by 8 and winning a few competitions. 

“The most memorable was the ‘mixed’ with my dad and the ‘family and friends’ with my husband, who I’m now trying to encourage to play more.  My mum joined and now plays too.”

New2Golf success at Vale of Llangollen

Although Wallace has moved up the ladder faster than most, she is just part of a successful New2Golf scheme at the club.

“I remember Susan attending every New2Golf session, from the first taster sessions which were free of charge, using the Wales Golf funding to keep the prices down through the year,” explained Vale of Llangollen PGA pro Matt Davies.

“She was one of 20-30 people taking part, it is a good way of integrating with the club and we are starting to see the benefits of New2Golf courses on the club membership.

“There are quite a few who came through New2Golf, have got their handicaps and take part in competitions regularly.”

Growing up in a sporty family in Scotland (her father and brother both Royal Navy Physical Training Instructors) Wallace had “tried a bit of everything” taking up squash, badminton and skiing.

“I wish I’d taken up golf sooner,” she said. “Dad didn’t start till my late teens/early 20’s and I remember hitting a few balls on the odd occasion on a field at his work and the local driving range, but I moved to London to work as a fitness instructor and golf was never really on my radar. 

“I moved to Llangollen with my now husband and the fact that the course is on the doorstep is an added bonus.”

“I accepted a post on the Ladies Committee quite early on and when the opportunity for captaincy came up I quite fancied it, but felt it was too soon.  I hadn’t been here very long, didn’t have much experience as a golfer or a member, so didn’t think I was ready or worthy.

“The encouragement of the previous captain and vice-captain was very important after I explained my reservations to them - and I’m glad I accepted.  I’m very honoured to be Lady Captain and looking forward to the year ahead.

“My main aim is to make it through the year and not let anyone down!  On a more serious note, I’m hoping I’ll be able inspire and encourage more ladies to take up this wonderful, physically and mentally healthy sport, no matter what age or ability”.

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