People who play golf have the most sex, and also have the best orgasms, according to a new European study!!

Golfers are getting their kit off the most, having sex on average 12.5 times a month, over three times a week, followed by dancers at 12.2 times a month and weightlifters at 11.7 times a month. Almost three-quarters of golfers (70%) said that the sport has improved their orgasms.

Footballers orgasm the least, at 3.3 times a month, and were also found to be the least confident in the bedroom. Yoga practitioners are enjoying the most orgasms at 4 times a month on average, followed by dancers (3.8 times a month) and swimmers (3.7 times). The study of over 3,200 Europeans found weightlifters feel the most confident in bed (54%) followed by dancers (53%).

Sportspeople that have the most sex:

1.      Golfers (12.5 times a month)
2.      Dancers (12.2 times)
3.      Weightlifters (12.2 times)
4.      Tennis players (11.6 times)
5.      Footballers (11.5 times) 

The study was conducted by Europe’s No1 sports nutrition brand, Myprotein, alongside expert opinions from Tina, M. Penhollow, Professor of Exercise Science, and Antonia Hall, Sexual Health Educator, to reveal how different sports can improve people’s sex lives.

10 of the most popular sports and how they impact your sex life:

1. Yoga / Pilates

Those who do yoga were revealed to have the most orgasms at four times a month.

“Regular yoga practice increases balance and flexibility, which can expand sexual potentials while helping with injury prevention.” said Antonia, “Yoga practitioners are often comfortable and more present in their bodies, which can also increase sex drive and sensuality.

Yoga was shown to enhance flexibility more than any other sport. Tina added: “Yoga can really increase body awareness, vibrations, physical strength and flexibility.”

2. Running

Two-thirds (66%) of runners said it has made them have better orgasms.

Tina told us: “Running increases testosterone and libido levels, resulting in a greater sex drive and more intense orgasms. Studies have revealed that couples who run together have sex more often.”

3. Cycling

Almost half (48%) of cyclists say it has increased their sexual ability. “Cyclists develops lower body strength, allowing them to explore many sexual positions. Cycling also provides hormonal benefits and mental clarity known to increase sexual pleasure.” Tina added.

4. Tennis

38% of tennis players said playing has increased their libido, the highest out of any sports. Antonia explains: “Tennis provides all the benefits you’ll need to be your sexual best. It builds strength, balance, cardio and naturally increases feel-good hormones.”

5. Weight Training

89% of people said weight training had a positive impact on their sex life, more than any other sport. Tina added: “Weight training improves sex drive by fostering the production of testosterone, increasing sexual desire and libido.”

6. Football

Over half (51%) of footballers feel it has improved their sexual ability. Football gives a great cardio workout that increases strength and balance beneficial in the bedroom.” said Tina, “Research suggests that women consider football one of the most attractive sports to watch.”

7. Golf

They found that golfers have sex more times in an average month (12.5) than people who play other sports. Antonia says: “Golfers are more likely to be balanced, which can make sexual activities more enjoyable. Golf provides hormonal benefits, stress reduction and mental clarity all associated with better sexual performance.”

8. Dance / Aerobics

Dancers have some of the most active sex lives, having it 12.2 times a month on average and feeling very confident and flexible. Tina said: “Dancing has been shown to foster feelings of lust, sensuality, and sexiness. This is because the skill and coordination required boosts confidence with your own abilities and skills, as well as building trust within a relationship.”

9. Walking / Hiking

Three quarters (78%) of regular walkers said it has improved their sex life. Antonia commented: “Walking or hiking releases a feeling of independence and a sense of accomplishment. Exploring new places can help build trust, enhancing happiness and satisfaction.”

10. Swimming

81% of swimmers say it has improved their sex lives, however only 44% are confident in the bedroom. Tina explains: “A regular swim schedule builds strong, lean muscles and leads to endurance, stress reduction, and mental clarity that boosts your ability to stay present and enjoy yourself during intimacy.”

Alongside sport, 40% of people said vitamins and supplements have improved their sex life, with almost two-thirds (64%) saying they’ve improved their overall health and well-being.

Methodology: Survey of 3,200 Europeans who play sports or exercise on various aspects of their sex life, as well as the sports and fitness activities they engage in on a regular basis. Research undertaken September 2022 by OnePoll for MyProtein.