PGA Professional and Women & Golf writer Charlotte shares a simple swing secret to help you play your best golf.

If you look at any of the best golfers in the world, you’ll notice that their head hardly moves during their golf swing. A common mistake I see regularly in amateur golfers is a lot of lateral movement or swaying of their heads.

It might sound simple, but holding your head steady during your golf swing – and not letting it sway from side to side – is crucial to hitting the ball well. By keeping your head still and your gaze down at the ball, you’ll be able you to strike the ball better and more consistently.

There are three main reasons why keeping your head still improves the way you hit the golf ball:

  1. You can see the ball without having to rely on your peripheral vision. That makes it a lot easier to hit the ball solidly.
  2. The more moving parts there are in your golf swing, the less likely it is that you’ll be able to replicate it every time. And if you can’t make the same swing every time, you’ll never hit the ball consistently.
  3. If you move your head, you’re more likely to sway during your back swing. Keeping your head steady also allows you to make a really good turn back with your shoulders, which helps generate power and speed.

So how much can your head move?

This is really simple. You want to feel like your head isn’t moving at all.

However … You may find that your head dips down through impact as your body compresses to hit the ball. This is ok and is a natural movement as you hit the ball, so it isn’t something you need to think about.

All you need to do is focus on keeping your head steady.

Keep your eyes peeled for more swing secrets and advice to help you play better golf.