Rules rookie? This one is for you. Take England Golf’s rule quizzes to learn about the rules of golf.

Whether you’re new to golf or have played for years, knowing the rules inside out isn’t always a simple task.

But golf rules aren’t there to make the game more complicated. Quite the opposite. They make the game fair, speed up play and go a long way to making golf more enjoyable for everyone.

You’ll find all the rules of golf on the handy R&A app or at But a great way to learn and test your knowledge is with quizzes.

Enter: England Golf’s “You are the ref” quizzes.

There are four to choose from:

Ball lying on an artificially surfaced path – what is the correct ruling when a player takes a drop from a path, but his feet are still on the path as he addresses his dropped ball?

Accidentally moving the ball while searching for it – if a player is searching for their ball in leaves and accidentally moves it, what is the correct ruling?

Testing the sand in a bunker – if a player wants to test the depth of sand in a bunker without incurring a penalty, what is the correct ruling?

Playing from a poorly replaced divot – if turf from a poorly replaced divot is impacting a player’s swing on the fairway, what is the correct ruling?

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