Ryan Fenwick shares his tips to help you hit your fairway woods with confidence every time.

Ask anyone what their favourite golf club is and our guess is that not many would say their fairway wood.

Ryan Fenwick is here to change that and help you hit your fairway wood with ease and confidence.

Take away tips

Keep these tips in mind next time you go on the course or practice on the driving range:

  • Set up with the ball just forward of centre – a bit behind your front heel
  • Think about your postire – keep your bum back and your back straight
  • Make a big turn back
  • Imagine sweeping the ball of the grass
  • Turn your body all the way to your finish position – and watch the ball sail down the fairway

Why you need a fairway wood

Hitting your fairway woods consistently can make or break your game, especially if you're not a big hitter off the tee.

From a 3 wood to an easier-to-hit hybrid, having a fairway wood in your bag that you feel comfortable with could make a big difference to your score and your handicap.

Before you splash out on a club though, work out which gap you're trying to fill with your fairway wood. Do you struggle to hit your long irons? Do you find yourself with long approach shots after your drive?

There's a huge choice of fairway woods on the market so think about what you want the club to do for you before you invest in anything.

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