Now you can! The new IJP Women's range is here. Discover the AW Capsule Collection featuring an exclusive signature tartan with stunning co-ordinating items and stylish accessories.

Check out the first exclusive ladies' tartan featuring four stylish colours raspberry, taupe, ultramarine and golf ball white.

The unique Poulter Tartan Trousers £99.95 are registered with the Scottish tartan authority, a poly wool blend with lycra stretch with fully functional pockets. Available in sizes 6-16 in a variety of leg lengths,

Co-ordinating items include a stunning Kaleidoscope Jumper £69.95 a luxurious quality blend with extra fine merino wool with an eye-catching symmetrical geometric pattern. Available in sizes 8-16.

And as you would expect, some great accessories too - funky visors and belts!

The three colour Hero belt buckle £15.00 is fully interchangeable with all womens belts and the Luxe Leather Belt £54.95 made from luxurious italian leather is fully interchangable with all women's buckles.

IJP JumperIJP buckleIJP beltIJP polo

The launch pieces will be rigorously tested and reviewed by a panel of twenty testers including Sky Sports presenter and budding golfer, Charlotte Jackson, club captains, media and lucky competition winners including three W&G readers - Loretta Tonna, Mary Waymire and Christine Jones.

Each panel member will sample garments from the capsule collection, which showcases a limited selection of pieces ahead of the full ladies launch in spring/summer 2014 - and will feedback comments to help shape and inform the full collection launch.

Discover the Capsule Collection and buy online