Complementing the innovative line of COBRA KING LTDx drivers are a full line up of LTDx fairway metals.

Utilising the PWR-COR and H.O.T. FACE technology highlighted in the LTDx driver, and a carbon fiber crown, COBRA engineers were able to move the CG low and forward for faster ball speed, while increasing MOI for more stability and forgiveness.  Also available in three families, the LTDx fairway metals come in progressive shapes and progressive rail designs to offer optimised performance based on the golfer’s swing characteristics. The LTDx fairway offerings include:

  1. LTDx Max Fairway – are COBRA’s most forgiving fairway that combines the fast and forgiving performance of the LTDx with additional draw bias for those that need slice correcting power.  An adjustable weight system features 12g and 3g weights that can be positioned in the back or the heel to fine tune the amount of draw bias.  PWR-COR and H.O.T. FACE Technology again deliver the fastest ball speed possible using low and forward weighting and an optimised variable thickness face design. The LTDx MAX women’s fairways come in 3W, 5W and 7W, in a gloss black/elderberry colourway to compliment the rest of the range and is equipped with a UST Helium Nanocore 4F1 – women’s flex shaft. A black and blue colourway comes with a choice of UST Helium Nanocore (4F2 – lite, 5F2 - reg) or a HZRDUS Smoke iM10 60 (stiff).  RRP £249 each 
  • LTDx Fairway – is offered in a traditional shape in a 3W with no rails, and a traditional shape 5W and 7w with hollow split rails that aid in turf interaction for steeper swings.  A 12g fixed weight is positioned in the back for max forgiveness and high launch, while the PWR-COR weight low and forward creates the perfect balance of low spin and fast ball speed with forgiveness.  The LTDx fairway is available in satin black/gold fusion, and come with the option of a UST Helium Nanocore (4F2 – lite) or a HZRDUS Smoke iM10 60 (reg & stiff) shaft. RRP £249 each 
  • LTDx LS Fairway – COBRA’s low spin fairway features progressive shaping – Big Tour shape in 3w with no rails, Tour Shape in 5w with hollow split rails.  PWR-COR utilises tungsten and aluminum to position as much weight low and forward to increase ball speed, while H.O.T. FACE Technology uses 15 zones with optimised thicknesses to maximize speed across the face.  An adjustable weighting system features a 12g and a 3g weight that can be positioned in the heel or toe to fine tune trajectory and spin.  The LTDx LS fairway is offered with the MCA Tensei AV Raw White 75 premium aftermarket shaft (stiff & X-stiff).  Available in satin black/gold fusion. RRP £249 each 


Cobra LTDx Hybrid

Rounding out the new family, LTDx hybrids are COBRA’s first mainline hybrids to feature PWRSHELL Technology, which utilises an L-cup face design that is forged from a thin and strong stainless steel to generate up to 17% more flex for faster ball speed and higher launch across the face.  The hybrids are available in women’s (black/elderberry), standard (satin black/gold fusion colourway) and ONE Length (blue/red & black) models, also feature COBRA’s innovative PWR-COR and H.O.T. FACE technologies that take ball speed performance to the next level. The hybrids feature COBRA’s signature Hollow Split Rails that improve turf interaction and allow the club to glide effortlessly out of the fairway, tight lies, thick rough and even bunkers. The LTDx ONE Length Hybrid are designed in a shorter set up (37.25”) that complements the ONE Length irons.

The LTDx Hybrid women’s offering are available in 4H (20 o), 5H (23 o) 6H (27 o), 7H (30 o). The standard LTDx hybrid are available in 2H (17 o), 3H (19 o), 4H (21o) 5H (24 o) and 6H (28 o) and ONE Length model 3H (19 o), 4H (21o), 5H (24 o) are both offered with KBS PGI premium aftermarket shafts (80 -S, 70-R, 60 -A) and Lamkin Crossline (58+) grip. RRP £199 each

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All LTDx products are available at retail and online from February 11, 2022. For more information, visit