TaylorMade reveal all-new Qi10 family of drivers, fairway woods and irons offering the optimal blend of distance and forgiveness.

The innovative Qi10 range is available for pre-order now and in stores nationwide from 2 February 2024. Available in a range of shafts and grip options for both men and women.


The ground-breaking line up of Qi10 Max, Qi10 LS and Qi10 drivers are the most forgiving family of drivers TaylorMade has ever produced. This cutting-edge series unlocks a new frontier of forgiveness, with the Qi10 Max hitting the elusive total MOI (Moment of Inertia) of 10,000 g-cm2.

Qi10 MAX: 10K forgiveness

Put simply, higher MOI = more forgiveness. That's because when you hit the ball off-centre, the club head will rotates less with a higher MOI. That helps you maintain balls speed and launch even when you mishit it. The Qi10 Max driver boasts a combined total MOI of 10,000 g-cm² (10K), a feat that is the result of advanced lightweight materials, a reinvented head shape and strategic placement of mass. 

The forgiveness of Qi10 Max can be a benefit to golfers of all skill levels, from the everyday golfer to a major champion like Team TaylorMade’s Nelly Korda. 

RRP: £499 

Qi10 LS: Forgiveness, adjustability and performance for better players

Qi10 LS delivers a lower spin and lower launch that is engineered to optimise performance for players with faster swing speeds and higher spin rates. With a deep face and a more compact overall head shape, Qi10 LS will be the preferred driver for many of Team TaylorMade’s tour players.

Used throughout the Qi10 family, the Infinity Crown marks a significant leap forward in TaylorMade's carbon crown construction. By extending carbon fibre to the extreme perimeter of the head and aligning it flush with the top of the face, this innovative approach results in optimal redistribution of mass for lower centre of gravity and improved spin. 

Qi10 LS also incorporates a new, more efficient adjustable weight, housed by an innovative track system. Strategic shaping along the sole is designed to deliver better aerodynamics with reduced turbulence. The result is a lower balance point and optimised inertia for a more forgiving low-spin experience. 

RRP: £529 

Qi10: Complete performance

The Qi10 driver has been strategically engineered to optimise distance and maximise forgiveness, wrapped in a clean, confidence-inspiring package. Qi10 features lower centre of gravity projection and higher MOI than previous TaylorMade drivers in this category, creating a driver aimed at golfers seeking the ultimate blend of distance and forgiveness. 

A brand-new, slightly larger address shape, clean-look Infinity Carbon Crown and a high contrast topline for easier alignment; this driver is all about inspiring confidence in every level of golfer.

Qi10’s re-engineered 60X Carbon Twist Face is significantly lighter than traditional titanium and creates a more efficient energy transfer with a new supporting structure that promotes faster ball speeds. The face is also designed to maintain ball speed during off-centre shots. 

RRP: £499 

Fairway woods and hybrids

Each member of the Qi10 fairway wood and hybrid family has a uniquely optimised face design, focused on maximising ball speed and inspiring confidence.

Qi10 Fairway: Perfect blend of distance and forgiveness 

The most widely used version on Tour and among amateurs, the Qi10 Fairway is the perfect blend of distance and forgiveness, delivering the optimal combination of high launch and low spin. 

The Qi10 Fairway incorporates proven TaylorMade technologies such as the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ and laser etched topline. These features boost speed on low face shots and promote consistently accurate alignment. Continuing the legacy of V Steel™ technology, the Qi10 Fairway's sole design improves turf interaction and versatility. 

RRP: £309

Qi10 Max Fairway: Extreme forgiveness and playability 

The Qi10 Max Fairway is the most forgiving fairway TaylorMade has ever made. It's the easiest wood to hit in this line, thanks the larger front-to-back shape and shallower profile allowing for higher launch.

RRP: £309

Qi10 Tour Fairway: Three fairways in one 

The Qi10 Tour Fairway features a titanium head in a compact, Tour-proven shape.

New to the Qi10 Tour Fairway is the integration of an adjustable TSS weight and the innovative Infinity Carbon Crown. The TSS enables you to control launch and stability, spin and ball flight, while the Infinity Carbon Crown provides a sleek, clean look at address that makes alignment easy.

RRP: £379

Qi10 Rescues

The Qi10 Rescue™ club is headlined by the all-new Carbon Crown in the Qi10 and Qi10 Max models offering optimal weight distribution and forgiveness. Each Rescue features a different shape with the oversized Qi10 Max, classic Qi10 and compact Qi10 Tour. 

The mid face height of the Qi10 Rescue allows for easy launch from tight lies and confidence off the tee.

The Qi10 Max is a versatile rescue engineered for high launch and maximum forgiveness, with a shallow face height making it easy to hit from anywhere. 

And finally the Qi10 Tour Rescue has a deeper forged C300 face with a higher toe that provides a look and performance for players seeking the ultimate combination of distance, workability, control and iron-like turf interaction. 

RRP: £269


The new Qi Irons aim to deliver the optimal combination of distance, accuracy and solid feel in an inviting game-improvement package. 

Qi Irons

With Qi Irons, TaylorMade debuts its new Integrated System Design – a suite of technologies aimed at optimising each individual iron head.  The 4- and 5-irons feature a lower profile backbar design for a low centre of gravity that encourages easy launch and towering ball flights. On the other end, shorter irons showcase a backbar design with exaggerated heel-toe weighting for higher inertia, delivering enhanced forgiveness with the ability to control ball flight with scoring clubs. 

What that means to the average golfers is easier launch with long irons and better control with short irons. Qi Irons also have significantly less right bias, for straighter and more accurate shots. 

RRP: From £143 per iron

Qi HL Irons

Qi HL irons are crafted for players seeking higher launch and faster clubhead speeds. Loft configurations are approximately 2° higher compared to the standard Qi model, making it easier to hit them higher.

They're also up to 26g lighter than a standard Qi iron, a design element intended to enhance clubhead speed and overall performance for slower swing speeds. 

RRP: From £143 per iron

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