Wilson Golf's brand new Staff Model wedges offer golfers of all skill levels ultimate versatility around the green.

With more Major victories with its wedges than any other brand, Wilson Golf has completely redesigned and expanded its short-game range with the introduction of new Wilson Staff Model wedges.

The Staff Model ZM and Staff Model ZM HT wedges are designed to help lower scoring depending on ground condition and angle of attack.

Wilson Staff Model ZM

The new Staff Model ZM wedges incorporate a new ZM high-spin groove pattern for faster, deeper and longer ball interaction. This results in higher consistent spin and check control in all weather conditions, with a special focus on exceptional performance in wet conditions.

Constructed from soft Forged 8620 Carbon Steel, the new Staff Model ZM wedges are designed with a straighter leading edge and elevated Centre of Gravity (CG) for trajectory control in the higher lofted wedges.

Available in six loft options – 50˚, 52˚, 54˚, 56˚, 58˚ and 60˚, as well as 46˚ and 48˚ options available through custom fit.

RRP: £145 per wedge

Wilson Staff Model ZM HT

Designed with the same game-changing characteristics as the ZM, the Staff Model ZM HT incorporates a high toe and wide sole construction, providing the ultimate flexibility golfers demand with shot saving in mind.

The deeper precision groove pattern runs across the full face for added control, while the Garnet Face Blasting and soft Forged 8620 Carbon Steel provides the same consistent spin and check control in all weather conditions.

The face shape and sole allow the club to be played at varying degrees of open or closed configurations, giving golfers complete control over the amount of face that makes contact with the ball.

Available in 56˚ and 60˚ options, with a 64˚option available through custom fit.

RRP: £145 per wedge

For more information or to shop the full range of Wilson Golf products visit wilson.com.