Making sure you're using the right golf grips is more important than you might think. Could a grip upgrade shave shots off your score?

I once read that using the wrong or worn out grips could cost you up to five shots per round.

And given that we all have different sized hands and different swings, it makes total sense that what grips work for me won't necessarily work as well for someone else.

When you think about it, ignoring your grips is a bit like knowing your shoe size but never bothering to wear shoes that fit.

You just wouldn't do it, would you?

Why you need the right golf grip

With the right size grip ...

  • Your hands and wrists can move optimally as you swing – too small and your hands become overactive, too big and it's difficult to get the clubface square at impact
  • You'll find it much easier to swing the club consistently, which means you'll hit the ball more consistently too
  • Your touch and feel will be better
  • You'll feel more confident when you hit a shot

Grips we recommend: Golf Pride CPX

You can always rely on Golf Pride to create high-performance golf grips for every kind of golfer. But the new CPX — Comfort Performance Extreme — is a game-changer.

It provides an even better feel through a combination of extreme softness and exceptional new technology. And the design includes the company’s first-ever raised, EXO diamond-quilted pattern.

The new tactile design maximises contact-area between the grip and your hands, enhancing performance. In addition, the innovative Control Core® in the grip’s end-cap complements the soft rubber compound to give the grip the best of both worlds: maximum softness and maximum control.

It's a soft grip for a hard game – whatever level you play at.

The new CPX will be available from professional shops and selected retailers from 1 April. To find out more, visit