Often the most overlooked piece of kit, here’s why wearing a golf glove will make a difference to your game.

A golf glove: It might not be essential, but it’s up there with the most important parts of your golf gear.

And if you’re new to the game, you might be wondering why.

Let’s start with the basics …

Which hand do I wear a golf glove on?

You wear a golf glove on your lead hand – the hand you put at the top of the grip. So if you’re right-handed, you’ll wear a glove on your left hand. And if you’re left-handed, you’ll wear a glove on your right hand.

Grip and control

The main reason for wearing a golf glove is to improve your grip on the club and therefore better control. Golf gloves are tackier than human skin, so they help to prevent the club twisting or slipping in your hands.

Keep your hands dry

Golf gloves help to keep your hands cool and dry in all climates. When you buy a golf glove, you’ll see this marketed as “moisture management”.

Protect your hands

If you’ve ever been to the driving range for any length of time and not worn a glove, you’ll know your hands start to hurt after a while. It’s just friction. So, wearing a golf glove helps to protect your hands from aches, pains and blisters.

We recommend: FootJoy StaSof

Topping the charts for performance and price, you can never go wrong with a FootJoy golf glove.

The all-new StaSof is the ultimate glove for Tour-proven performance; it offers optimum feel, unmatched grip, exceptional moisture management and long-lasting softness in all climates and conditions.

Here’s what you can expect from a StaSof glove:

  • Sensational soft feel and premium advanced performance leather: Tour-proven and crafted to retain its softness for longer.
  • All-climate grip and exclusive APL leather: Maximises moisture resistance while providing extraordinary grip performance and durability.
  • Precision fit and unmatched comfort: Hand-crafted construction and precise placement of moisture-wicking elastics provides a consistent precision fit and unmatched comfort.
  • PowerNet: Strategically positioned PowerNet mesh and perforations enhances breathability, flexibility and comfort.
  • Angled ComforTab Velcro: Proprietary angled ComforTab Velcro closure secures and provides a consistent, perfect fit.

Available now from FJ retail partners and at FootJoy.co.uk
Women’s and men’s: £22.99

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