Cleveland Golf’s new HB SOFT 2 Putters integrate Speed Optimised Face Technology to enhance putting performance.

Designed to provide golfers with truer strikes and more consistent swing feel, HB SOFT 2 caters to different stroke types. By designating the appropriate hosel, shaft, and grip for both face-balanced and moderate toe hang models, this ensures each putter is built to match the player’s individual stroke.

A key feature of the HB SOFT 2 is Speed Optimised Face Technology (SOFT). SOFT uses individualised milling patterns in each model to normalise ball speed across the putter face, resulting in more consistent distance control regardless of where the putt is struck. These unique milling patterns are carefully aligned to each head shape’s Centre of Gravity, MOI, and weighting profile.

To further enhance swing feel, a 20g counterbalance weight in the butt end of the shaft is included in each HB SOFT 2 model 35 inches and over. This provides a consistent feel, regardless of shaft length, giving you the confidence to execute strokes with precision.

Cleveland Golf’s HB SOFT 2 2024

Based on stroke type and alignment preferences, HB SOFT 2 features Cleveland Golf’s custom-made pistol grips. For a slight arc stroke type, the HB SOFT 2 Pistol grip has a classic look and allows your hands to naturally turn over through the stroke. If you prefer a straight back and straight through motion, HB SOFT 2 Pistol Oversize grip promotes a stable stroke, while still maintaining feel and control.

HB SOFT 2 also introduces a completely new head shape to Cleveland Golf’s putting matrix; HB SOFT 2 RETREVE. RETREVE is the company’s first-ever putter with the ability to pick the ball out of the hole, or from any surface without bending over to grab it.

Cleveland Golf’s HB SOFT 2 RETREVE 2024

Scheduled to launch in the UK and Ireland from 24 February 2024.

RRP: £139

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