With more golfers than ever heading abroad, Airport Parking and Hotels (APH) is helping avoid unexpected charges by comparing costs of travelling with golf equipment across all major airlines.

The guide is available in the Know Before You Go section of the website, at www.aph.com/golf-baggage.

This comprehensive guide compares the baggage allowance across both short-haul and long-haul flights on 26 major airlines, including British Airways, easyJet and Virgin Atlantic.

When it comes to travelling on short-haul flights, airline baggage allowances can vary greatly with some airlines significantly more generous than others. Most airlines were found to offer customers a standard complimentary baggage allowance of 20kg – 23kg which is increased up to 32kg for First and Business Class passengers.

However some low-cost airlines, including Flybe, offer a maximum weight of only 15kg and charge passengers £13 to place bags in the hold. For golfers flying with larger luggage, then this can cost up to £30 for two bags of 40kg with Flybe and £60 for one bag of 20kg when booked with Ryanair at the airport or through a call centre, depending on the season.

With regards to long-haul flights, the majority of airlines were found to offer 23kg as the standard baggage allowance for Economy class which was increased to 32kg for Business and First Class passengers. Airlines such as Etihad and Emirates, however, were found to offer Economy passengers up to 30kg free of charge and Business passengers up to 50kg free of charge.

Some of the carriers included in the research, including Air Canada, Air France and Iberia, allow customers to check-in one golf bag including 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls and one pair of golf shoes as part of their baggage allowance. However some airlines were found to charge passengers when travelling with equipment, with Aer Lingus charging £34 per bag, per flight when booked at the airport, BMI charging £30 per 20kg item and Monarch charging £35 for equipment up to 32kg.

Golfers should be careful when booking golf equipment on a flight, as excess baggage charges may also apply with Swiss Air charging a fixed fee of £31 per one way journey for short-haul flights and £62 per one way journey for long-haul flights.

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