Take a fun journey through the world of golf through the exploits of Marjorie and her friends, and see the game through the eyes of a beginner golfer. 

Virgin Golfers, Golf Book

 Take a fun journey through the world of golf through the exploits of Marjorie and her friends, and see the game through the eyes of a beginner golfer.

“The biggest problem for anyone thinking of taking up golf,” says Marjorie, “is knowing where to begin, is it too expensive, and how do they deal with the jargon of irons, drivers, wedges, pars and the dreaded rules and etiquette. And for women, there is the added of question of whether ladies will be welcome.”

VIRGIN GOLFERS helps to address all of this. The book does not attempt to teach you how to play golf, but rather how to become a beginner and enjoy the task of learning through the exploits of Marjorie and friends Ann, Jennifer, Gwen, Trish, Caroline and Susan.

“The idea for the book came as I began to learn and had to become acquainted with a whole new vocabulary, overcome the fear of venturing into a sport dominated by men and which has had a somewhat stuffy image. And of course, what equipment was needed to start. These were concerns expressed by many women I have met during the course of learning” says Marjorie.

Virgin Golfers commences with a translation of the most common terms that feature in golf.

“Even if you don’t take up the sport, it will help anyone living with a golfer trying to understand the terms they use or those that appear if watching golf on television.”

A delightful chapter on the history of women playing golf reveals that Catherine of Aragon is rumoured to have played, and that Mary Queen of Scots – generally recognised as the first woman golfer – may even have had a hand in the design of St. Andrews Golf Course! The first ever national golfing society was established by women (the Ladies Golf Union) in 1893 – a full eight years before British men got themselves organised at a national level. And it was a woman – Issette Pearson – who pioneered the development of the national handicapping system used today.

“The contribution of women to the game is immense,” says Marjorie, “one of my favourite stories is that of Elizabeth Garett-Anderson, to whom the chapter called ‘The Golfing Marriage’ is devoted. She not only became the first woman doctor in Britain but was no doubt instrumental in ensuring that Aldeburgh Golf Course – designed in part by her husband – allowed equal membership for women alongside men from the outset in 1884 when it was established.”

From descriptions of playing a golf course on her own where she lost every ball she possessed by the 14th hole to a list of equipment ladies need, might need, or think would help them along the way, VIRGIN GOLFERS is packed with facts on who holds the records for longest drives and holes-in- one: the record for the oldest person to ever achieve a hole-in-one still belongs to Elsie Mclean who achieved this at the age of 102 years.

The book is illustrated with a series of cartoon designed by young Warrington artist, Lindsay Hardy.

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