Keep hydrated, protected and cool when playing golf in hot summer weather with our simple but sound advice.

Temperatures are set to hit record levels over the next few days in the UK. If you're planning to go out on the golf course it's important to make sure that you are prepared for the hot weather.

We’ve got four pieces of advice to help you handle the heatwave.

Keep hydrated

Make sure you’re well hydrated before you head out onto the golf course and take a filled refillable water bottle with you. Drink regularly on every hole – it’s best to drink little and often rather than a lot at the end of your round. If available take advantage of water filling stations, if not then we recommend taking more than one bottle of water.

We know that there is often a worry about the availability of on-course toilets but this shouldn't impact the amount of water you consume on a hot day. We’re sure quite a lot of water will be lost via sweat!🥵

Pack some fresh fruit as a snack whilst you play. Fruits like watermelon, melon, strawberries and oranges have a high water content and the natural sugars will give you a boost.

Keep protected

Apply suncream 30 minutes before your round and if playing for over two hours make sure that you re-apply. We have more extensive sun protection information here.

We also recommend using clothing, hats and sunglasses to protect your skin. Whether it's a regular cap or the increasingly popular bucket hats.

Keep cool

It's important not to overheat. Specific cooling cloths for golf are available such as the Golf Cool Towel from Surprizeshop or the Gruvtowl COOL. Before your round soak (or pour water) it, wring it out and then use. The towels remain dry to touch but keep you cool. Mainly worn around your neck. They can be reactivated by adding more water.

Find shade where possible and use an umbrella if you're using a cart.

Keep playing?

The temperatures may get so high that golf clubs may consider shutting the course so make sure you check before heading to the golf course.

If possible head out early or if the temperatures drop then maybe look to play some twilight golf.

Think about using a trolley/cart or buggy and maybe cut down the number of holes from 18 to 9 or shorter to help get your golf fix without too much exposure to the hot weather.

Alternatively, wait until Wednesday when none of the above will apply as rain and cooler weather sweep across the UK.

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