Lester Brunt Wealth Management share the important role a financial adviser can play in life, like a caddy on the golf course

If, like us, you were glued to the television, or even lucky enough to be there in person, in September watching some amazing battles between Europe and USA women’s and men’s teams, you will have probably been focused on the prowess and confidence of the individual golfers, not least Carlota Ciganda.

Simply stunning shot selection and execution. We all wish we could play half as well! But at Lester Brunt Wealth Management, we also admired the hidden work of the often-forgotten caddies. Alvaro Prada was carrying the bag for Ciganda at Finca Cortesin. Without him, she may not have hit those remarkable shots on the 16th and 17th holes to help retain the Cup. Caddies act not only as club carrier but also, amongst other tasks, nutritionists, psychologists, meteorologists, tacticians and cheerleaders.

This got us thinking about the role of a trusted financial adviser. Often unseen to others, acting in the background for the benefit of the client they are working with. A financial adviser should not just be a salesperson recommending products to solve immediate needs. Great advisers act as so much more.

Whether it is protection against disaster, pension advice, investment strategies, helping to maximise tax-reducing options or dealing with long-term care needs, financial advice is all about relationships and longevity. Understanding a client’s psyche, agreeing a plan and delivering simple messages, reacting to changing circumstances, either personal or external, keeping abreast of fiscal and economic changes and acting appropriately. It’s also about being there.

The best decisions are most often made together. Knowing what your client is capable of and helping to ensure that the potential pitfalls and stumbling blocks are identified and planned for is fundamental to this process. Helping them to stick to that path when the noise suggests that an ill-advised change of direction. Not chasing after get-rich-quick schemes. We are sure that you can see the parallels with the world of golf.

Not many of us will be lucky enough to benefit on the golf course from the skills of a professional caddy such as Senor Prada but we can all make the choice to build a relationship with a trusted Financial Adviser who shares our vision and is 100% committed to helping you win.

We salute the unsung heroes of the Solheim & Ryder Cups, and for more details on the value of advice please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Catherine and Jennie have over three decades of combined financial experience and spend a lot of their time as advisers helping women achieve their financial goals. Within the female golfing community, Jennie and Catherine can share their passion and advocate the benefits of financial protection and the value and importance of financial planning. If you wish to get in touch, please contact Catherine or Jennie at [email protected] or [email protected]

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