Thinking of taking up the game but don’t know where to start? Here are six steps to get into golf just in time for Spring.

As the clocks go back this month, Spring is just around the corner (though the weather might not suggest it yet). With lighter evenings and warmer weather to look forward to, it’s the perfect time to get into golf.

But where do you start?

Follow these six steps to making taking up golf a breeze.

Step 1: Join a group coaching session at your local golf club or driving range

Most golf clubs and driving ranges run women’s group coaching sessions. You’ll cover the fundamentals of playing golf and meet plenty of women taking up the game at the same time.

Step 2. Don’t worry about equipment or what to wear

There are no two ways about it; golf is an expensive sport. My advice is never to rush into buying equipment. You can always borrow clubs from the shop at your local golf club or driving range. And don’t fork out on a whole new wardrobe. Dress codes are becoming far more relaxed across the game, so dress for comfort over anything else. Gym leggings and a comfy zip-up top are always my go-to.

Step 3. Find a networking group

More and more women’s golf networking groups are popping up around the country, just like Skratch women. They’re a great way to help you get into golf and meet like-minded women.

Step 4. Start slowly

Remember there’s no rush to get out on the course. Start on the driving range, then play a few holes when you’ve got the basics down. You’ll find it much easier and more enjoyable if you gradually build up to a full round of golf.

Step 5. Don’t let bad shots bother you

Even the best golfers in the world hit bad shots, and they hit them a lot. So don’t let it put you off if you’re not hitting the ball well every time. Or even most of the time to be honest. It’s all about making tiny improvements each time you play.

Step 6. Ready to join a golf club? Shop around

When you’re ready to join a club, I always recommend shopping around first. Membership is a big commitment – both financially and on your time – so it’s important to find a club that you like.

Ask what the women’s section is like, how often they play, etc and make sure you have a look around to get a general feel for the club.

A lot of clubs offer flexible memberships for new golfers, and some even offer discounts for women, so it’s always worth checking.

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