Editor Emma Ballard reviews The Uncorrupted Pleasure of an Old Bladed Putter a book by PGA Professional James Ellis-Caird

Falling in love, a love affair and ultimately something that turns into a love-hate relationship. Oh to be a golfer who finds such enjoyment from a sport that can, at times, beat us up and spit us out and we still keep coming back for more.

But it is those moments of pure joy - when you smash a drive off the first tee, times of reflection as we gaze across the lush green fairways and the laugh-out-loud (well not too loud) moments with friends and family away from the bustle of modern day life that we as golfers know can never be bettered.

It is in these sorts of moments that we can forgive the duffed chip, four putt and the voice inside our head creeping into our swing thoughts.

To encapsulate in one book how many of us feel about the game and showcase how great golf is to those who may not have fallen in love just yet, is quite an achievement by PGA Professional James Ellis-Caird. As you make your way through the 13 chapters of this conveniently hand-sized book, you get transported into James’ world of golf which you begin to realise isn’t all that different from your own.

Through telling his own golf story and those of some of his family, golf coaching clients and friends you are able to appreciate and often sympathise with all the characters involved because if we can’t relate personally we probably know someone just like that being described.

Not only are there stories, there is also a lot of sound sage advice for all golfers no matter your ability, even for those who are just thinking about starting their journey. The biggest takeaway is that we must play our own game and try to focus on the joy the game brings, rather than always on the number on our scorecard.

I really liked the style the book was written in. Uncomplicated, thought-provoking and with a personal touch. I became completely absorbed in the stories and came away feeling uplifted about the sport that I love to play.

This book would make the perfect present for any golfer and although it could be read by a newbie, it is likely to be more appreciated by someone who enjoys playing the game. It's also a beautiful addition to any coffee table 😊.

The Uncorrupted Pleasure of an Old Bladed Putter - Book blurb

“The Uncorrupted Pleasure of an Old Bladed Putter is a love letter to golf, revealing something of the beauty, joy and comradeship that its author, James Ellis-Caird, has taken from his golfing life. In doing so, it is quietly revolutionary, depicting a vision of golf freed from the constraints of convention and expectation, in which being ‘good enough’ is the goal, allowing space for personal expression, an appreciation of nature and the joy of the little things to come to the fore. A lesson not just for golf, but also perhaps for a quieter, gentler way to live our lives.

Whether you’re a non-golfer, a new golfer, an old golfer or an ex-golfer, The Uncorrupted Pleasure offers gentle words of wisdom and a fond conversational style that will have you reaching for the nearest club and falling in love with the game all over again.”

The Uncorrupted Pleasure of an Old Bladed putter is available in hardcover £14.95 and paperback £9.95 - to find out more and to purchase a copy - click here.

Find out more about the author James Ellis-Caird here. You can also follow James on his Instagram rewilding_the_golfer

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