The petition to allow golf courses to reopen in England has gained over 100,000 signatures, meaning Parliament will consider it for debate.

The petition to ‘allow golf to be played with appropriate safety measures’ was launched just after golf courses and driving ranges were forced to close for the third national lockdown on January 4.

It has now reached over 100,000 signatures, in fact it has over 126,000, meaning that Parliament is obliged to consider it for debate.

Signatories have also received an email detailing that it will form part of the discussion of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee covering how the country's sports facilities, including pools and leisure centres, can survive the pandemic.

It's still open for people to sign too, meaning that this figure may soon be even higher.

It's success was no doubt helped by some of golf's biggest stars, such as England's Lee Westwood and his fellow Ryder Cup star Graeme McDowell, sharing it on Twitter.

The petition reads: "The Government should allow golf courses to remain open during the second lockdown, and any future restrictions. Shops and clubhouses can close, but courses should be allowed to remain open, with social distancing in place.

"The risk of Covid transmission is lower outdoors, so there is no reason for golf to be stopped. It provides important exercise for many people and has numerous mental health benefits. Don’t allow golf to be stopped."

England Golf has also stated that it will continue to challenge the decision to close golf courses. CEO Jeremy Tomlinson has described it as a 'real shame' and 'opportunity missed'.

“Yet again unfortunately we’ve been told to shut down. There was no collaboration and to be honest when I speak for all golfers I feel it is an opportunity missed,” he said in an interview with the BBC.

“In excess of two million golfers could have been looked after here in a different way, that community could have been able to exercise in a different way that could have taken some of the stain off from public places, from parks, and to be done in a regulated fashion. A real shame.

“We see it as part of the solution. We’ve got a population here that are gonna need to get through this lockdown and I really do have a concern and care for how we’re all gonna do it."

You may also have seen some of the new England Golf marketing graphics that highlight exactly why golf is 'part of the solution', rather than causing the problem.

The last petition to reopen golf was considered in Parliament on December 12, but as this was already after golf had been allowed to reopen, it was viewed by many to have made very little difference.

You can sign the latest petition HERE.