Here's our list of the most annoying golf partners who have the ability to de-rail your round and have you running to the clubhouse begging for mercy.  

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Here's our list of the most annoying golf partners who have the ability to de-rail your round and have you running to the clubhouse begging for mercy.

The Bandit or Mr/Mrs 'Oh, was that another birdie? How exciting!' 

Let's face it we've all been there once, normally as beginners when our falling handicap can't quite match the pace of our improvement, so we should be sympathetic. Only that when it comes to playing Mr/Mrs Bandit in the club knockout we rarely are. Because let's face it, what can be more annoying than losing a hole to a nett 0.

Mr/Mrs Rule Book or Mr/Mrs 'I should probably just check...'

You might be playing a friendly nine holes but that's not going to stop Mr/Mrs Rules Book from pointing out the slightest violation. Expect long discussions in the clubhouse after about the correct application of rule such and such. 


Mr/Mrs Delusional or Mr/Mrs 'But if i really catch it'

Mr/Mrs Delusional has a few problems reconciling the golfer they think they are with the reality of their game. Expect lots of waiting around for the green to clear from 300 yards just in case they 'really catch it.'

Mr/Mrs Determined or Mr/Mrs 'But it's only a spot of rain'

In reality we should have a lot of respect for Mr/Mrs Determined. Whatever the weather this player is determined to make it to the 18th even at the risk of getting hypothermia in the process. Which is all very well until you get drawn with Mr/Mrs Determined in the middle of a hail storm. 

Mr/Mrs Dynamite or Mr/Mrs '*****'

Mr/Mrs Dynamite can be set off by the smallest thing. Bad bounce, small noise or poor shot is enough to send him/her into a fiery rage. Expect flying clubs and plenty of expletives. 

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Mr/Miss Excuse Maker or Mr/Mrs  'I don't normally do that' 

For Mr/Mrs 'I don't normally do that' there's always a reason why they're not on top form. Weather, clubs, dodgy lie you can be sure they'll always be an excuse. To be honest we don't really care if they did that yesterday or not, although in all fairness they probably did.

Mr/Mrs Advice Giver or Mr/Mrs 'Wait, why not try...'

Mr/Mrs Advice Giver is normally a kind hearted person who just wants to give you a bit of advice. Sometimes this advice is appreciated, and sometimes it isn't. Mr/Mrs advice giver might be struggling to break 100, but don't worry, they'll still have a few tips to improve your swing.

The Slow Golfer or Mr/Mrs Tortoise

Everybody's bugbear, the slow golfer has the ability to de-rail your round and that of everybody else on the golf course. Expect to spend your round passing embarassed smiles to the irritated golfers behind you.


Mr/Mrs Talkative Or Mr/Mrs 'ooo did you see that shot I played on the ..' 

You may have spent the last four hours watching Mr/Mrs Talkative play, but thats not going to prevent him/her from talking through his round in incricate detail in the bar afterwards. Beware you may find yourself running to your car in a bid to escape after round retake number 5.