One golf club has really put their foot in it this time...



As the current Solheim Cup captain for Team Europe, former Team GB Olympic athlete and accomplished Major winner, Scotland’s Catriona Matthew is one of the most iconic and important figures in golf.

So, when she decides to speak out about something, people definitely sit up and take notice.

In the last 24 hours she has caused a HUGE stir after tweeting that her daughter and friend were chucked out of a clubhouse bar area because they were wearing unhemmed shorts.

We mean, seriously?

The nine-time Solheim Cup player stated that the clubhouse staff asked the pair, who are both junior members at the club, to leave the bar area when they went to order a drink after their game because their shorts were deemed ‘unsuitable’.

Speaking on her Twitter page, the LET and LPGA Tour player declared it was:

“Time to change policy #getwithit #encourage #future.”

It's not hard to see her point, even though we do totally respect and admire the traditions and history behind the game.

If we are trying to get more junior girls and young women into golf, then we can’t have them worrying about being thrown out of the clubhouse for wearing the wrong kind of shorts.

In the 24 hours since Catriona posted the tweet she has so far racked up 1.3K likes and 176 comments, most agreeing with her sentiments and sharing similar stories.

Hopefully, having someone of her status speaking out will finally bring about some change and help ensure that all golf clubs are more forward-thinking and accepting in the future.

Have you ever experienced anything similar in a golf club? Get in touch and let us know.

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