Lisa Cornwell, the former Golf Channel presenter, has accused the major network of mistreating some of its female employees.

Lisa, who worked at the Golf Channel for seven years, has spoken out on the No Laying Up podcast about the unacceptable way that the channel treated her and other employees.

The former presenter said she was "screamed and cussed" at for tweeting about gender-equality issues when when Xi Yu Lin was made to pay for her own Mizuno irons at the ANA Inspiration, had multiple run-ins with commentator Brandel Chamblee, who she claimed "never liked me from day one", and said that she was stopped from presenting live where ever possible.

“What I went through, and obviously I made it a female issue, a women issue, is nothing compared to what dozens and dozens of women at that network have faced over the years. That’s first and foremost to me,” she explained. “This isn’t about being a victim.”

In fact, we knew this 'slamming' of the Golf Channel was coming for several days.

Many of you will have noticed that on January 1, Lisa started her year by tweeting: "The first day in 7 years I'm not in a contract w/Golf Channel & am free to speak up for the many women who've been marginalized, belittled, berated & treated like second class citizens — including me. The days of it being swept under the rug are over."

Then just four days later she shared her interview on the No Laying Up podcast where, with her attorney present, she said the first incident of mistreatment she witnessed was at a dinner at the 2016 NCAA Championships.

“The person leading that dinner, and there’s 15 people there, he’s the head of Golf CentralWe have a new analyst who’s had some anxiety issues on air, and he’s basically making fun of him. I stood up, he’s a friend of mine, I said ‘What are we doing? We don’t do this. This isn’t who we are.'”

Her first heated encounter with Chamblee then took place in August 2018, when she was filling in as his co-presenter.

The 45-year-old admitted that she made a mistake whilst reading a strokes gained graphic, and that Chamblee was annoyed, made frustrated gestures and ignored her after the show.

Following the incident, Cornwell called Senior Vice President of the Golf Channel, Geoff Russell, to complain about how he treated her. She then later found out that he was actually a close friend of Chamblee.

She told her boss: "I am pissed off. You have to fix this. I am tired of working in this environment, with this man, who treats me like I shouldn’t even be there."

Russell said he would make some calls and look into the matter, but it was after this phone call that her working life became a lot more difficult.

A few months later she was told that she would not be hosting the 2019 NCAA Championships.

"I had always hosted the women’s NCAAs since I had been at Golf Channel," she said.

"But I get a scheduling email that I would not be the host that year at Arkansas, that I had been demoted to a reporter, and they didn’t even have the guts to tell me."

She was "100 percent" sure that her demotion was down to her grievance against Chamblee.

After filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in March last year, the final straw came when Russell "screamed and cussed" at her for addressing how outrageous it was that Xi Yu Lin was made to pay for her own irons at the ANA.

She mentioned the audacity of the situation whilst interviewing Xi Yu Lin after the first round, and also in a follow up tweet where she said that she knew of others players who had gone through similar experiences with other equipment companies.

Golf Channel bosses were furious with her for not confirming with Mizuno that the story was true first.

They removed her from the event after the first round and she did not conduct another post-round LPGA interview on air throughout the rest of her time with the company. Golf Channel also sent a correction regarding her reporting of the Mizuno incident via Twitter, despite both Xi Yu Lin and her club fitter both saying that the correction was not actually true.

According to No Laying Up host Chris Solomon, the Golf Channel declined the podcast's request for a comment on any of Lisa's accusations.

After sharing her interview on Twitter, Lisa was greeted with an out pouring of support from others in the golf industry, including double ANA champion Brittany Lincicome, who tweeted: "Go Lisa, Go!"

World Golf Hall of Famer Karrie Webb also publicly expressed her backing.

She wrote: "Truly respect Lisa Cornwell for taking this stance. There’s no place for this kind of treatment of women anywhere! The golf industry and the Golf Channel is no exception either. Well done Lisa!"

You can listen to Lisa's full interview HERE.